avatars united

i’ve been playing on it all night! it’s kinda fuuuun! if you have one add me! randi lenroy come get me!

also….this is my ode to sey!!!

dear sey….i love you. i dont care if you say “men’s only.” i will still purchase and rock it. knthx. you are one of my lovers. someday if you make more womens items, i will own them all. the end.


skin: laq – ania
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: buried – cody
tattoos: huz – kazi ink – unreleased

shirt: sey – roll up shirt khaki
skirt: luck inc
chaps: sey – riders chaps
boots: sey – layers boots corduroy
jewelery: sey – dear cross
glasses: solar eyewear atria


2 responses to “avatars united

  1. hey medusa, once you’ve attached them you can right click, choose edit, then stretch. make sure to make a copy of the item 1st incase it gets stretched to the point of no return. if you need other help, feel free to contact me in world and i’ll do my best ^.^

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