2010 RFL Clothing Fair – Rio

for more info you can visit http://slrflclothingfair.blogspot.com/

taxi for RIO sim: http://slurl.com/secondlife/CF%20Rio%20deJaniero/110/126/22 and will be active at 3pm slt on saturday the 13th!



left picture:
sweater: mis @ RFL
pants: eros @ RFL
shoes: maitreya
tattoos: huz
hair: fri.day

right picture:
dress: vitamin ci @ RFL
vest: mrm @ RFL
jeans: naive @ RFL
shoes: surf co
necklace: dark mouse
tattoos: rojo
hair: truth


left picture:
dress: kiitos
jacket: epic @ RFL
horns and hoofs: epic @ RFL
tattoos: aitui
hair: truth

right picture:
hoodie: zombeh panda
body suit: luck
jeans: myth @ RFL
horns and hoofs: epic @ RFL
tattoos: aitui
hair: truth

the hoofs and horns from epic may be my favorite pick up simply because of the following:
[2010/01/25 9:19] Kelley Hanly: what?!!
[2010/01/25 9:19] Kelley Hanly: youre done with elf?
[2010/01/25 9:20] Inventory item offered (pic of me with current ears)
[2010/01/25 9:20] Randi Lenroy: no but, they’re toned down and not as dumbo
[2010/01/25 9:20] Randi Lenroy: lol
[2010/01/25 9:21] Kelley Hanly: i dont like those
[2010/01/25 9:21] Kelley Hanly: you look like you should be in the corner
[2010/01/25 9:21] Kelley Hanly: being all emo and
[2010/01/25 9:21] Kelley Hanly: crying
[2010/01/25 9:21] Randi Lenroy: hahahahhahahaaaaaa
[2010/01/25 9:22] Randi Lenroy: i like em
[2010/01/25 9:22] Randi Lenroy: :-p
[2010/01/25 9:22] Kelley Hanly: [9:22] Patience Larkham accepted your inventory offer.
[9:22] Patience Larkham: she looks like a goat
[9:22] Kelley Hanly: *~*~rofl*~*~
[9:22] Kelley Hanly: she does!
[2010/01/25 9:22] Kelley Hanly: BAAAHHHHHHHHH!!
[2010/01/25 9:22] Randi Lenroy: ass
[2010/01/25 9:22] Randi Lenroy: lol
[2010/01/25 9:22] Randi Lenroy: hoofs next, bish!
[2010/01/25 9:22] Kelley Hanly: lolol
[2010/01/25 9:23] Kelley Hanly: ew
[2010/01/25 9:23] Randi Lenroy: hahaha


used in all:
skin: lara
eyes: den-dou
piercings: hod


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