yay nonlazy blog

1st…if you guys haven’t gotten to go to the clothing fair, please make sure to get there and show your support! everything winds down tomorrow (sunday) so, go explore it!


photo was taken @ sn@tch on melbourne sim with my sissy kelley and wifey erica<33333

and today's look! i couldnt decide which way i liked better, so i blogged both :-p


skin: left: curio – cupid, right: tuli – eva
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
lashes: funsized shapes – double length
hair: left: buried – ryan, right: mustache – hilton
tattoos: huz – timeless, aitui – beautiful

dress: khush – uti minidress (the xray tech in me associates uti with urinary tract infection instead of under the influence >.< lolol)
stockings and plaid pants: indi @ RFL
hose in right: blow pop
shoes: left: ubu – pornstar hightopsindi @ RFL
jewelery: tik-tok and ns
gloves: buried
piercings: hod – knockout


2 responses to “yay nonlazy blog

  1. heheheee ty hun! when i was looking for the dress in my inv i realized it was shortened to uti. i kind of giggled :-p thank you so much for your store and the work you do to create such fabulous things 😀

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