sweet 16, anyone?

1st, i should dedicate this post to tome since i know how much he loves all teams that are not the buckeyes 😮 hehehe!

ok, so i’ve been trying to follow more than i have in the past and since houston, sam houston, a&m, and texas out, i shall be pulling for syracuse tonight (far jump, i know :-p). Alexohol Fashions is there for all your march madness needs! cute outfits for all the teams n_n

my looks:

shirt: alexohol
shorts: surf co
belt: hermony – lucky belt
socks: mis – sporty socks
shoes: 2real – pure
piercings: hod

shirt: from xstreet
shorts: urbanity – bermuda shorts
belt: ohara – part of jean shorts
socks: primitive design – skanky socks
shoes: akeyo – kidaz
piercings: hod

march madness syracuse pack from alexohol (minus hoodie option):

and beware of random girls dancing around the store:

mwhahahaa. yay wifey<3


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