i’m tired of decorating and my ati card is going spastic :(


i think i found a bed i like….for now. it may change. maybe someday i’ll finish my land and take pictures :-p

i got the chance to talk with zoey orsini and aurora deischer this week. what sweet girls! they’ve both recently opened shops @ a venue called delicious. zo’s poses and [aRAWRa]. so, i wondered around there and eyed out some nice poses and clothes.

i decided to take a break and snap a few pics and do a lazy lotd.

poses from zo’s poses


skin: tuli – eva
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
lashes: funsized shapes – double length
hair: mustache – ashley (modded cap color)
tattoos: huz – kasukalan

shirt: [aRAWRa] – fist pump
jeans: de3or – fuck
belt: end – controller freak
shoes: truth – mina flats
bangles: wrong

a couple other thins from [aRAWR]:

i saw the fist pump shirt the second i walked in and just about yelped. i still lovers my joisey shaw<3 the love exsists and sorry for partying are sl versions of jac vanek's rl line. i'm a tshirt and flip flops gal in rl, turns out i wear alot of the same in sl :-p also in rl, i'm an xray tech so the skeleton tube dress found it's way on me..


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