plastik ears :)


when i 1st started this blog i planned to keep my ears a secret so i could keep some “randi only” uniqueness. you all have imed me and commented so much, that i shall do a post to reveal the correct credits!! i’ve never said no when asking where they’re from…

but it’s really not a secret. plastik’s ears have been my fav for a long time.

that is what i wear. always. i just wear them at a different angle.


i wear 3 ears. all from plastik.

animalistic. left to right is: battle hardened, chessni, and barred.

they’re all just worn at a different angles<3

i tilt them down like a sad emo elf lol

so….there it is. ears are from plastik. now go show aikea some love!!!!!

taxi to plastik


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