did we know that….

there’s a body modification event this weekend? yushhh! there is!!!

if you’ve ever read/seen my blog, you know i’ma alllll about tattoos and piercings. so *squeee!!!*

the lovely ms. aydan darcy from HOD will be one of the designers and she’s ready with 3 new sets of piercings.


left to right is fusion in obsidian, lure in jet, and scathed in smite. each piercing comes in all 3 colors and fusion has a v2 that’s a bit more metallic looking and a deeper ridge in the lip cuff. all 3 piercings feature 3 brand new, hand drawn textures from the talented designer and all equal in phenomenal quality<3

yuh! the event will be on friday, april 23rd – 25th at harajuku box

hope to see you guys there!



One response to “did we know that….

  1. Hey there Ms Roo! Thanks for the post about Body Modification Event. I’ll have to get out to it to see if I can find any interesting ways to modify DJ Splash, 😛

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