inventory full of ink

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wtfe sl isn’t letting me attach anything and i’m ready to throw my computer. so, i’ll just put out a favorite post that has no attachments.

other than my ears, i get asked lots about the tattoos i wear, so i decided to put together some of my favs.

i shall start with HUZ. i love hunain’s work and his whole work ethic in general. his tattoos are some of my favorite on the grid and i look forward to many more awesome releases from him. left to right is mahuika (to be released soon), kanji reborn, kazi, fusion, and henna reborn

these are from a place you may not have heard of. seven of himeji produce some of the most gorgeous japanese styled tattoos i’ve seen. the seams are near perfect on the 3 i own. the only thing i dislike is that they are really pricey for tattoos. left to right is wakizashi, autumn koi, and waterfall.

\o/aitui!! aitui has always been a staple in my large tattoo inventory folder. they’re often my source for a splash of colors to my ink 😀 top left to right is: trip out, dire, and rage. bottom chest pieces: beautiful, hope song, and aviation.

garden of ku. my 1st tattoos were from here and i still wear them regularly. left to right is night kandahar, aphrodisia in luxor, and dragon of the rising sun

last but not least are my tatts from rojo and freakshow. left is freakshow tentacles and inner self. right is rojo hate and famous.

i wear many many others, but these are my long list of defaults/go tos :-p


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