a different kind of post…

no fashion here today, but i wanted to share with you guys some wonderful photography and photoshop skills.

Kelley and I recently had the priviledge to work with the very talented Sixx Yangtz for a couple of profile/headshot pics. He’s incredibly sweet and BEYOND talented and i completely went crazy when i saw the finished product:



Randi and Kelley

sooo stunning<333 Sixx owns a photostudio in world and you can visit him here. Or feel free to im him to discuss availiblity and pricing – Sixx Yangtz. Also, click on any of the above pics to check out his flickr account. Thank you again sixxy!!

my skin: laq – elena
kelley’s skin: league – taylor
my eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
kelley’s eyes: poetic colors
both hair: truth – sylvia and brit
both tattoos: huz – om and dark floral
both piercings: HOD – lure and fusion modded
pose for us together: Glitterati – whore headlock


9 responses to “a different kind of post…

  1. WOW! These are stunning! I’m going to have to contact Sixx. Thank you for sharing. Truly beautiful.

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