New tattoos AND piercings. Yum yum!

Please forgive in advance that i shall flash my boobs in your face, but it’s for a good reason. HUZ just released a brand new tattoo called Horn Eye. It’s available in a color and black and white version. It’s a gorgeous tattoo, with wonderful quality. I love all the stomach coverage<3


Also released this weekend are a couple of piercing sets from HOD. The face set I’m showing here is called Satellite and comes in 3 different metal textures. The texture shown here is Black Ice.


And here comes the boob flash :-p Also released from HOD this weekend are nipple piercings! Nahm nahm nahm! The entire time I was modding them I said “ow ow ow!” But man, they sure are lovely. Makes me want to walk around shirtless hahah >.< The texture shown here is Jet. These also come in 3 textures with a v2 that includes a skull on the larger ring.


Taxi to HUZ
Taxi to HOD


4 responses to “New tattoos AND piercings. Yum yum!

  1. hehe these were different for me to mod too. the easiest way for me was once in edit, i clicked edit linked parts, and selected all of the pieces on the right side and centered by looking at the 2 crossing piercings. once those looked how i wanted i then selected the parts of the large ring and rotated it to fit as well. then i did the same with the left side 😀 hope this helps aubrey, hun! ❤

    OH!! and make sure you make a copy 1st!!

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