Regular blogging to resume after post…

It’s been a few days. You can all blame Jordan Giant for making this fabulous new skybox and Aydan for making me decorate one…I’m not really that great at decorating and had never thought about blogging anything like this, but I was very happy with the end result. So, I figured I can show you the reason I haven’t blogged :-p


skybox: nordari
phonograph: artilleri
box of records: FSR


drawing desk: aria
picture collage: cheap cheap
hanging polaroids: creamshop
games: second spaces
plant: lp2 interior
phone: golden oriole


couch: y’s house
rug: nodari
bench/table: y’s house
pouf: y’s house
side table: y’s house
picture frame: loft
lava lamp: fsr
corner lamp: milcaholic
coffee cups: kinokoko
tin can sprout: teal
journal/glasses: loft


kitchen set: bp
tomato bowl: itutu
avocado/cutting board: bp
spoons/holder: theosophy
knife set: theosophy
bagged groceries and canned goods: dirty deeds
stacked bowls: itutu
small containers: theosophy
blue pot: teal
chiffon cake pan: bp
kettle: itutu
colorful pots and pans: bp
table set: lotta
salt and pepper shakers: theosophy
canned flowers: itutu
lemonade set: aria


bed: hqf
records: notsobad
movie projector: golden oriole
memory tree: ishi


dresser: y’s house
woven baskets: bp
ironing station: artilleri
pin up posters: artilleri


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