Patriotic Poses from Mannequin

USA celebrates 4th of July this Sunday. For those of you that have extended weekends…you can all kiss my ass :-p I TEASE! I am jealous though. My wicked witch of a boss rejected my time off request T_T

Anyhow. Mannequin has released some cute patriotic poses to make for awesome 4th of July pics! There are 5 included in the pack along with flags and a star spangled bikini!


Left to right: Angell Rae, Kelley Hanly, Patience Larkham, Kika Starbrook, and me on the bottom. You have no clue the trouble that takes place when i try to do group pictures. EVERY time. This was quickly snapped in between gestures such as “fork in the garbage disposal” and “big booty bitches.” Yeahhhhhh<333

The 2 poses with the flags on the left are from the patriotic set. The one where Snick's is on my shoulders is not, but also from Mannequin. So, make sure you guys swing on in there and check it out!!


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