saturday, but feels like friday lotd



Forgive the semi-greenish tint. Or at least it is to me, Kelley says she doesn’t see it lol. I did this when i should have been long asleep and didn’t realize I had my background set to glow >.< Sleepy photoshop = fail.

skin: plastik – lionheart poet series
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: truth – athena

jacket: violent seduction – part of astron dress- black hole
skirt: luck inc – high waisted skirt pinstripe
undershirt layer: graves – defense with transparent latex
hose: sheer – torn nylon
boots: avz – bolted boots
collar: fet!sh – bdsm ring station
necklace: hod – mercenary
bracelet: rawdolls – nothing but trinkets
hand tape: sinistyle – taped fist
piercings: hod – bitten


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