Visavi’s Shadow Faun

Figured I would squeeze in another post before Summer of Love stuff begins.

Visavi’s new faun get up is just pure UNFFF. Seriously. I think these hooves instantly became the new favorite in my inventory. Paired with one the new facepaint masks from Tacky Star, and just <3333



skin: laq
lipstick: lelutka – lola red
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: madd – luz
hair base: tiny bird – blacks
tattoos: aitui – trip out
face mask: tacky star
hooves, horns, and ears: visavi – shadow faun (also comes with faun tail!)

shirt: twosome – frilly summer thing
skirt: atomic – summertime onyx
necklace: nsd – gang bang
bangles left: perturb/ation – suggestive bracelet
bangles right: nsd – rock in rolla strap
piercings: hod – bitten

TAXIS: Visavi and Tacky Star


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