Hair Fair Round 1

Never would I have thought a year ago while me, Kelley, and Patience were wading through lag at last year’s hair fair, that I would be having the opportunity to blog for this year’s event \o/

Hair Fair is about to kick off and ready to raise donations for Wigs for Kids.

I have a ton to go through, and I’m sleepy D: These posts will be in no real order, just snapping pics as i go through inventory.


All Lamb! Glass Candy, Heart, Lovage, and Lovelier. Glass Candy may very well be my fav pick up<3


L to R: Lamb: Mon Cherie, Fashionably Dead: Lopsided Lilly, Dernier Cri: Aya and Dove

I’m not sure for LM rules yet, so I will be waiting and updating my site with correct LMs once the fair is open to public on 9/4. for more information please visit:

*continues working on hair pics* lol


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