Cybernetic Arms

Another 2 in 1 day…but I so have to share!!

Grollwerk has just released these goooorgeous cybernetic arms. I’ve been stalking his Flickr (just like a couple more of you) and waiting patiently for the announcement! I rushed to get mine, and ohhh boy…they’re just so lovely…The arms are divided into 2 parts, each being able to change between multiple colors and textures (even a hello kitty texture!). Seriously dozens of combinations…but you know me, sucker for blood and gore :-p



skin: atomic – audri
eyes: repulse – thorn crown
hair: 99 elephants – kerry
tattoos and eye spec: huz – android
face tattoo: nuuna’s

latex: graves – G177 add on
rope bodysuit: roots
girdle and stockings: maitreya
arms: grollwerk – cybernetic arms
boots: bax – prestige boots
piercings: hod – bump in the night


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