Where has I been?

I got a sudden decorating bug. We were talking about decorating for Halloween in RL…I think that’s where it came from. I don’t tend to do posts like these, but I likes to share! Pic heavy post anddddd go!


build: aju – ie #6 (heavily modded!)
grass and trees: ag


bike: mdrm
birdhouse: picnic
table and chairs: picnic
bench: awesome blossom


trick or treat post: awesome blossom and olive juice
regular pumpkins: lisp
cranky face pumpkins: deco
potted pumpkin plant: kosh


kitchen counter: y’s house – taken from omise house
kitchen range: itutu
fridge: artilleri
stools: what next
dishes: itutu
groceries: dirty deeds
salt n pepper: theosophy
newspapers: what next
knife box and spoons: theosophy
counter containers: barcode
coffee cups and container: what next
harvest box: lisp
tomato bowl: itutu


pans: loft
spatulas: bp
shelves: lisp
lights: itutu
pictures: urbanized
fire extinguisher: barcode
trashcan: blonde
clock: loft
windows: aju – from ie #3 build


bookshelf: lisp
hat rack: lisp
umbrella holder: lisp
broom shelf: concrete flowers
lamp: nordari
entry bench: lisp


table and chairs: lisp
place settings: barcode
rug: loft
chandelier: loft
table flowers: what next
potted flowers: itutu
record player: ponitee


couches: mdrm
end table: what next
basket plant: itutu
lamp: mh
rug: what next
top left window ornaments: paper antler
ceiling fan: what next
window curtains: aju – from ie #3 build


coffee table: kosh
chinese takeout: barcode
screen doors: nodari – from min.poegin build


wall art: urbanized
pottery set: cp
usagi book holder: kurotsubaki
cabinets: mmg
wall flower boxlisp
polaroids: creamshop


bed: kosh
pouf: y’s house
lamp: nordari
rug: urbanized
rug with slippers: bp
wall deco: urbanized
side table: y’s house
easels: what next
plants: itutu
mini piano: bp
music stand: cark moon
books: hblys
windows: nordari – from min.poegin build


8 responses to “Where has I been?

  1. I absolutely love how you decorated the house, and in fact I love the house too, any chance you could tell me where to find out, have hunted for Aju and gotten nowhere!

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