Berry’s Challenge – Content Creator Appreciation

When I read Berry’s challenge for this week, all I could do was smile. When I’m given a chance to talk about a creator that “gives extra,” I’m never shy with telling my story about how Hunain and I met. So, Hunain Bellic of Huz Tats would be my pick.


I even made him take a picture with me :-p haha

Hunain is not my pick because he’s a close friend. I choose him because about a year ago I was on a mission to find more/better full body tattoos (more leg coverage, mostly) and my search led me to his store. I had bought his Kanji tattoo and a day or 2 later I received an IM from him asking if everything was fine with the purchase and if i was happy with it.

Over a year of shopping in SL and a countless number of Lindens gone, I had never once had a creator IM me and thank me or ask how I liked their product. This seriously intrigued me, and as someone who has over 13 years of sales and customer service experience in RL, I very much so appreciated it and this made a lifetime customer out of me. Needless to say I bought most the store later on and he had to IM me enough to thank me that we ended up being friends…ughh and now I can’t get rid of him 😉 hahaaa

I wouldn’t expect or ask for this from creators, I know how busy things can be, but the fact that he took the time to do that left a big impression on me and I thank you Mr. Bellic for giving extra!!<3

All tattoos: Huz Tats

Other stuff on Hunizzle:
Hat/Hair: Sey
Pants: Zoobong

Other stuff on Me:
Hair: e
Shirt: SU!
Pants: PE
Tape: Sinistyle
Horns: Illusions
Eyes: Repulse


5 responses to “Berry’s Challenge – Content Creator Appreciation

  1. LOL yes he does have a habit of doing that. First time he told me he did that with his customers I was giggling to myself cuz I really thought it was absolutely adorable. Hunain is definitely one of the friendliest content creators on the grid! 🙂

    Thanks for participating, such a great pic! ❤

    • 😀 I had to ask him if he did that to everyone. When he said yes and started giving example responses he had gotten I pretty much giggled at him too lol

      You are most welcome, and thank youuuuu Ms. Berry!

  2. You are most welcome Randi, I dutifully asked almost all my customers if they were satisfied, I did that for well over a year. Now I have gotten real busy with RL so I do it less, but I still IM customers randomly, it is always a delight to know how they feel about your creation. Most of my customers now are returning customers, in the start everyone was new and I felt obliged to ask if they were satisfied with the trust they put in a new store, I am glad it made everyone happy.

    I am truly thankful to all my customers for the utmost support and love they shower on me in the form of compliments, suggestions and of course, buying my tattoos. This support makes me continuously strive for betterment and attain higher standards. I have made many a close friends this way and hopefully will continue to do so, cheers and God bless.

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