Home again!

Even though everything at the one eleven event was fabulous, I will not deny that the main reason I sat at my computer for over an hour dealing with failed TP after frustrating failed TP, was to snag up my new home<3

So, come on in and get cozy! 😀


couch: the loft
rug: tatty soup
newspaper: the loft
furnace/stove: nonino (modded)
log basket: lisp
tv: artilleri
tapes: rc cluster
wall plates: cheap cheap
antlers: lisp

usagi book holder: kurotsubaki
framed heart: art dummy
other art: urbanized
radiator: the loft
rug: lisp
table, chairs and accessories: lisp

coat rack: rc cluster
tree: botanical
presents: what next
rocker: kopi
pictures: awesome blossom


kitchen counters/cabinets: mmg (modded)
knives, spoons, cutting board: theosophy
bowls: itutu
fridge: itutu
fridge magnets: artilleri
cereal: the loft
dish cabinet: interior addiction
pork buns and tea pot: feather
large pots and plants: itutu
lamp: zacca
rug: what next

bed: grindstone
lamp: nordari
chair: the loft
table and accessories: awesome blossom
shoes: art dummy
rug: what next

dresser: lisp
bench: y’s
rug: nordari


build: nordari @ one eleven (sold out)
well: sway’s
ground snow: big cake
falling snow: damani system
bench: reek

mountains: sky landscapes
trees: rustica, ag, forest floor, botanical
small nordic cabin and frozen pond: what next

and on me!
skin: l fauna lapine snowflake(old gift)
make up: la malvada mujer – candy on her cheeks
hair: lamb @ one elven
sweater: ohmai @ one eleven
jeans: atomic – bleached gritty
hat: theosophy
piercings: cobrahive
horns: illusions
pose: olive juice @ gatcha festival


8 responses to “Home again!

  1. Great job with the home from nordari. I also purchased it and loved it! But because of the size of it, I struggled and stuggled with how to set it up. Your blog gave me some good ideas on how to set it up!

    • Glad i could give some ideas! 😀 I actually had the house on the ground for a few days going in and out of it bc i struggled with the size too, but i’m glad i decided to keep it down!

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