Time for them zombies again!

There’s lots of things going on right now. Eeesh! Today I bring you some of my favs from the Zombie Popcorn hunt! Running now through December 15th with a ton of wonderful stores. Make sure to visit the website for full listings, hunt item piccies, and hunt hints!



bold and underlined mean hunt gift!

skin: lara – aimee
eyes: repulse – thorn crown
hair: magika – love
tattoos: KoQStar

sweater: mv
jeans: KoQStar
boots: SG (absolutely adooooore!)
glasses: deco
bag: berries inc
necklace: LC
piercings: cobrahive


3 responses to “Time for them zombies again!

  1. I adore your pictures and I have to ask, do you make your own backgrounds or is it some kind of flashy photostudio? I tried making backgrounds, but they don’t come out nearly as realistic as I want to.

    • n_n Thank you! My studio is really simple, actually (and not to mention messy). I actually still use freebie stands I got from a MM board over a year ago and just add my new poses to it haha and my screen is just a solid green background. I use Photoshop and extract myself from the green background. Then I have a PSD that I made that I always use that includes the ground and my lighting effects. For the backgrounds I use different textures I’ve found from sites here and there and use different overlays and blending options to kind of change them up and make new ones 😀 hope this helps! If you’d like, feel free to IM me in world and I’m more than happy to help and answer any questions.

  2. Actually, that helps alot. I had about the same approach with the green-screen and floor. I’m thinking I just have to work a bit more on my effect for the backgrounds. Anyway, it looks great. 😀

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