Got tired of the snow…

The other week when I was participating in some fun on flickr that involved me taking pictures on location, I realized that I’m incredibly over all of the snow everywhere and in desparate need of making my place warm and sunny. So, this is the end result.


build: kiitos
grass: alirium
trees: alirium, forest floor, heart, and deco
pathway: zacca
mountains: landscapes unlimited
deck and awning: what next
bench: y’s house
rug: nordari
lamp: nordari
picnic basket and accessories: what next


kitchen range: the loft
daisies: lisp
dishes, pots, and pans: itutu
knife block and spoon holder: theosophy
hanging wine rack: mudhoney
center island: mudhoney
toast items: aria
shelf: lisp
lighting: melia
clock: cronic’s clocks
hanging board: croire
wall confetti: turnip’s
fridge: the loft
fire extinguisher: barcode
groceries: dirty deeds
oreos: plaaka
tomato bowl: itutu
hanging polaroids: creamshop
place settings: melia
stools: y’s house
curtains: nordari (111 house)
coat rack: what next
hanging decrorative papers: paper antler
trunk: great north
rocking chair: lisp
globe: north west
books: nordari (111 house)
hanging cranes: elate
bright canisters: turnip’s
board games: second spaces
window blanket: the loft


bookshelves: hblys
chair: tatty soup
sofa: what next
table: melia
laptop: the loft
open book and mug: lisp
rug: urbanized
bed: bazar
floor papers: nordari (mint skybox)
world map: phi
lamp: just my imagination
green dresser: dirty deeds (you’ll have to mod out the bongs :P)
hanging pictures: once upon a time
slippers: lisp
pink canister: lisp
plant: lisp
speker box: picnic
record crates: dirty deeds
mustache art: lisp
bunny model: art dummy
books: pda, hblys, lisp, what next
vase: urbanized
plants: melia
flower pots: picnic
candles: urbanized

Decorating and blogging houses is a lot of work >.< So, no links posted, but if you have issues finding something just shoot me an IM or comment here n_n



11 responses to “Got tired of the snow…

  1. Wow! Very nice, I know how difficult it is to blog a home full of stuff. I attempted to do this last night on my post and ended up quitting because I was so tired and overwhelmed. Great job!!!

  2. Heyas! I’ve tried the slurl for Kiitos, but it keeps saying that I don’t have access to that destination.. They moved or something?

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