Home is….

Pic heavy. Click through to see details and larger pics. No slurls bc i'm lazy, but as always, if you can't find something im me or comment here and i'll help ya out<3


build: selfish (modded inside texures. from distressed. packs overlays and organic)
trees: garden of dreams, the looking glass, botanical, forest floor, forest feast, alirium
grass and flowers: blue field, zingana,
bridges: japan’s horizon
lights: megie’s seasonal store
rocks: new trails
lillies: alirium
boat: baffle
high/apple chair: art dummy
lantern tree: looking glass
lamps: urbanized
garden wheelbarrow: itutu
doors/bench: lisp
screen/flower: hanaya


couch: loft
table: zacca
lamp: north west
rug: zigana
music box: moonstruck
ducks: loft
food tray: what next
screen: tatty soup
side table: arcade
bottle tree: nordari
drawers: leezu
flower: lisp
framed art: art dummy
standing rack: whats next
wall rack: bp
shoes: art dummy
bench: art dummy
bagged flowers: itutu
books: garden of dreams
teapot lamp, bottle candle: lisp
cuadrados: urbanized
colorful potted cuadrados: kkpw
flowers: nylon outfitters
window seat: loft
table and wall decor: north west


curtain: tatty soup
rug: urbanized
table: y’s house
memo board: arcade
strawberry crate: little boxes
daisies, basket, herbs, donuts, plates: lisp
bottles: post
fridge: artilleri
fire extinguisher: barcode
cereal: loft
kitchen range: zacca
stove: artilleri
chandelier: kyoot
hanging lamps: bp
window beads: picnic
canisters: post
cutting board: post
coffee cups: loft
knives: theosophy
bread: post
wall shelves: mudhoney
towel: mmg
dish rack: itutu
plant: lp2
clock: chronokit
door/shelf decor: tatty soup


bed: what next ((fd) fence modded to back of it)
rugs: nordari
left curtains: nordari
right curtain: tatty soup
art above bed: leezu
floor pillows: prestique
lamps: nordari
books: garden of dreams
bunny: art dummy
teacups and bottles: lisp
slippers: lisp
picture cabinet: fucifino
record crates: dirty deeds
turntable: north west
red record shelf: ponitee
potted flowers: leezu
piano: bp
guitar: stock inventory
sheet music: nordari
canned plant: itutu
candle/light tree: art dummy
confetti: turnips
dresser: hanaya
mannequin: tatty soup
plant basket: itutu
art: mudshake
games: second spaces
books: garden of dreams
small dresser: arcade
dino plushie: wunder
daisy and teacup: lisp
lamp: sea salt
large plant: itutu
round chair and pouf: y’s house
tv: nordari
tulips: north west
fish books: lisp
jar: lisp
daisy and teapot: lisp
bagged plants: itutu
birdcage: sea salt
sink: fd


large plants: leezu
beach towels: theosophy
picnic basket and wine: what next
box speaker: picnic
gardening dresser: awesome blossom
bouey: tatty soup
mushroom bag: lisp
small pot: kyoot
wall vine: itutu
yellow jar: turnips
canvases/easel/artist setup: sway’s
large paintings:
pots: tatty soup
rug: urbanized
cluttered latter: north west
bathtub: tatty soup
recycled bench: art dummy
seats: north west
bird houses: hanaya
birds and bunnies: hpmd


18 responses to “Home is….

    • hahaha 29 prims left! ๐Ÿ˜€ and i honestly welcome anyone that wants to take pics. you may have to manipulate angles some since it’s a public sim and the neighbors aren’t the nicest scenery, though. just send me an im in world and i’ll happily pass you the lm n_n

      however, i may be leaving this place within the next week or 2. but till then, or if it happens, everyone’s more than welcome.

  1. Hi could I please grab a slur for the memo board as I couldnt find the place in sl search. Cheers

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