Moloko jeans = <3

I wear them often and they tend to be my favorite when I need a quick pick from out of my inventory.

Couple of things worth mentioning. SL Style Academy is a new feed that I was asked to be syndicated on. I’m beyond flattered that they would consider me and suggest you guys check it out! Umm another…Pididdle’s new feather extensions are all sorts of happiness. Then if you haven’t heard, Emjay has reopened! wooooo! Speaking of amazing jeans, I believe I’ve worn the ripped ones from there for more than half of my slife lol


skin: curio – pout
hair: maitreya – natalie
eyes: repulse – living dead eyes
tattoo: huz – oriental

top: sea hole – sheer tank with scarf combo red
jeans: moloko – jeans 3
panties: emjay – sexii panties zebra
shoes: 2real – pure
hair feathers: pididdle – these are just absolute<333333
septum: cobrahive


Just a Bit Random

That I areeeee<333


skin: lara – leah
eyes: plastik – infectious laughter
hair: truth – tillie
tattoos: huz – oriental (unreleased!)
face tattoo: nuuna

shirt: c smit – puss puss
pants: boom – fall cords
fishnets: sn@tch
scarf: miel
rainbow tights: bp
yellow socks: momo – polka dot socks
grey socks: arai
torn black stockings: mps
belt: coco
shoes: 2reall – pure
glasses: reek – park shades
bangles: boom
piercings and guages: cobrahive

lotd bc it’s my friday.

i have a friend in sl and we both steal ideas off each other. the other day we were hanging out in his garage and when he stood up i said “omg do you have a double waist on those pants?” he laughed and we both tped over to grasp. i like wearing boyish looks, if you cant tell :-p


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i is lazy

hope everyone had a lovely weekend


skin: lara
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
lashes: funsized shapes – double length
hair: truth
tattoos: huz – kanji reborn

dress: f.tri – corabella
jacket: coco – denim midnight
socks: pig – duo key west
shoes: 2real – pure
necklace: skream
gloves: kiLiebe – bandit star gloves
piercings: hod

sweet 16, anyone?

1st, i should dedicate this post to tome since i know how much he loves all teams that are not the buckeyes 😮 hehehe!

ok, so i’ve been trying to follow more than i have in the past and since houston, sam houston, a&m, and texas out, i shall be pulling for syracuse tonight (far jump, i know :-p). Alexohol Fashions is there for all your march madness needs! cute outfits for all the teams n_n

my looks:

shirt: alexohol
shorts: surf co
belt: hermony – lucky belt
socks: mis – sporty socks
shoes: 2real – pure
piercings: hod

shirt: from xstreet
shorts: urbanity – bermuda shorts
belt: ohara – part of jean shorts
socks: primitive design – skanky socks
shoes: akeyo – kidaz
piercings: hod

march madness syracuse pack from alexohol (minus hoodie option):

and beware of random girls dancing around the store:

mwhahahaa. yay wifey<3