I….really don’t know.

No words tralalaaa. Just a look:

Oh, wait…maybe words. I saw this cardigan on Olyvia’s tumblr and was all “How the hell did i miss seeing that?” @ TSE. So, I went back and spent more monies and yah.


skin: dutch touch – tekla
eyes: repulse – thorn crown
hair: yuna’s – yh 23
makeup: la malvada mujer – cotton candy on her cheeks
tattoos: aitui

catdigan: berries inc
shirt: sleepy eddy – long knit cutsaw
shorts: the closet – roll up denim
hose: sheer – very torn black
socks: league – gartered socks white
boots: leo-nt – snowy boots
scarf: mentine – fringed scarf
necklace: gypsys – scissors
piercings: visavi all modded
plugs and septum: cobrahive
ears: plastik – chessni animalistic
horns: illusions – bite horns


Time for them zombies again!

There’s lots of things going on right now. Eeesh! Today I bring you some of my favs from the Zombie Popcorn hunt! Running now through December 15th with a ton of wonderful stores. Make sure to visit the website for full listings, hunt item piccies, and hunt hints!



bold and underlined mean hunt gift!

skin: lara – aimee
eyes: repulse – thorn crown
hair: magika – love
tattoos: KoQStar

sweater: mv
jeans: KoQStar
boots: SG (absolutely adooooore!)
glasses: deco
bag: berries inc
necklace: LC
piercings: cobrahive

Newbie Style Challenge

Gogo issued a challenge and I thought it looked like it would be fun to try. So, here you are! This look (skin, hair, clothes…EVERYTHING but shape. shape is my own.) was put together using less than $20L. I made an alt so i wouldn’t be tempted to cheat haha



skin: exodi
eyes: tuli
hair: truth
tattoos: aussie ink

vest: mons
shirt: willow
shorts: tb
hose: reale
boots: coco
bag: berries ink
glasses: december
piercings: angelic kitties


I feels SO good knowing i don’t have to work. *yawns, stretches and continues to be lazy*

I went to tuli to demo the new jade skins. I thought buy one or two. I was not expecting to fatpack >.< All of the make ups are so pretty!



skin: tuli – jade
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: !lamb – poppyseed
tattoos: aitui – aka hyou – new

shirt: berries inc – shirt dress
tights: emery – broken citrus
boots: kookie – armada black
bracelets: nsd
piercings: hod – lure and fusion modded

my butt is cuuuute!

no, for serious!

i dont smoke, but chocolate always makes me happy ^^ hehehe

the pants are mens pants. i’m sooo happy they ended up looking ok. always a hit or miss with guy’s pants…and i know this sweater has been blogged to death, but i still lovers it.



skin: lara – ariana
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: buried – jaden
tattoos: aitui – aviation

shirt: berries inc
pants and jacket: kiitos
shoes: surf co
piercings: hod – knock out chill (being released on saturday! 02/20 oot!!)

look of teh day!


skin: laq – ania
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
lashes: glow
hair: aitui
tattoos: huz – dark floral, addixion – venomous

shirt: berries inc – mel shirt dark grey
undershirt: fishy strawberry – poisonous lotus hematite
skirt: calypso
hose: luck inc – half stockings
shoes: periquita – funny girl flats
jewelery: armidi – diamond pendant necklace gunmetal, exodi – aidan bangles, sinistyle – finger tape