Fantasy Faire Post

Get on it quick if you have not! Only a few more days left as this awesome event comes to a close on 4/10!! Here’s 3 looks I’ve put together using items I found there 😀


***All faire slurls with lead to Fantasy Faire central bc I do not have individual LMs. If you simply cannot find something IM me in world and I’ll do my best to recall where it’s from. FF items marked in BOLD ITALICS

skin: redgrave – trinity paper
hair: analog dog – 17
eyes: skinthesis – night fathoms bright

top: blue blood – calendula red
pants: rfrye – chained tribal pants
necklace: hod – the crossary
digis: sanu – succubus hooves
piercings: hod – reach

skin: mynerva – isanna darkwood
hair: magika – love
eyes: skinthesis – night fathoms bright

top: rw – tatyana top
jeans: trap – lacey pants
belt: abyss – nau combat belt
boots: gos – curvaceous
necklace: lassitude and ennui – oreb necklace
piercings: hod – reach

skin: laq – elena pale
hair: truth – sarita
eyes: skinthesis – night fathoms bright
tattoo: endless pain – rebel angel

top: sassy kitty design – off shoulder pulls
skirt: luck inc – slutty skirt
digis: epic – classic skull bow
stockings: league
piercings: hod – reach

andddd face close up with drow skin and new eyeballlsssss I picked up 😀



2010 RFL Clothing Fair – Rio

for more info you can visit

taxi for RIO sim: and will be active at 3pm slt on saturday the 13th!



left picture:
sweater: mis @ RFL
pants: eros @ RFL
shoes: maitreya
tattoos: huz

right picture:
dress: vitamin ci @ RFL
vest: mrm @ RFL
jeans: naive @ RFL
shoes: surf co
necklace: dark mouse
tattoos: rojo
hair: truth


left picture:
dress: kiitos
jacket: epic @ RFL
horns and hoofs: epic @ RFL
tattoos: aitui
hair: truth

right picture:
hoodie: zombeh panda
body suit: luck
jeans: myth @ RFL
horns and hoofs: epic @ RFL
tattoos: aitui
hair: truth

the hoofs and horns from epic may be my favorite pick up simply because of the following:
[2010/01/25 9:19] Kelley Hanly: what?!!
[2010/01/25 9:19] Kelley Hanly: youre done with elf?
[2010/01/25 9:20] Inventory item offered (pic of me with current ears)
[2010/01/25 9:20] Randi Lenroy: no but, they’re toned down and not as dumbo
[2010/01/25 9:20] Randi Lenroy: lol
[2010/01/25 9:21] Kelley Hanly: i dont like those
[2010/01/25 9:21] Kelley Hanly: you look like you should be in the corner
[2010/01/25 9:21] Kelley Hanly: being all emo and
[2010/01/25 9:21] Kelley Hanly: crying
[2010/01/25 9:21] Randi Lenroy: hahahahhahahaaaaaa
[2010/01/25 9:22] Randi Lenroy: i like em
[2010/01/25 9:22] Randi Lenroy: :-p
[2010/01/25 9:22] Kelley Hanly: [9:22] Patience Larkham accepted your inventory offer.
[9:22] Patience Larkham: she looks like a goat
[9:22] Kelley Hanly: *~*~rofl*~*~
[9:22] Kelley Hanly: she does!
[2010/01/25 9:22] Kelley Hanly: BAAAHHHHHHHHH!!
[2010/01/25 9:22] Randi Lenroy: ass
[2010/01/25 9:22] Randi Lenroy: lol
[2010/01/25 9:22] Randi Lenroy: hoofs next, bish!
[2010/01/25 9:22] Kelley Hanly: lolol
[2010/01/25 9:23] Kelley Hanly: ew
[2010/01/25 9:23] Randi Lenroy: hahaha


used in all:
skin: lara
eyes: den-dou
piercings: hod