I guess I should have credited with the skin fair blogs, but i was all “OMGZZZSKINSZZZ” and stuff. I got lots of IMs asking about such and such eyes, so I’ve just decided to throw together some of my favs.


Repulse takes up the majority of my eyeball rotation (1-5). Even though the owner is a big mean punk, Max’s work is awesome and detailed and I always find myself reaching for his creations. The 2 sets I get asked about the most are Visavi (8) and Turquoise Unicorn (11). Kaz and Nara are ridiculously talented and their eyes are stunning. Plastik (6-9) will always be one of my staples and Esuga (13-15) has been a recent eye crush of mine.

Full Details:
1. Repulse – Thorn Crown
2. Repulse – Post Mortem
3. Repulse – Hemoholic
4. Repulse – Cannibal
5. Repulse – Zombie
6. Plastik – Infectious Laughter
7. Visavi – Infectious Eyes – Cadaver
8. Visavi – Left: Candy Swirl, Right: Digital Carousel
9. Plastik – Witchy Woman
**Turquoise Unicorn’s store is temporarily unavailable, but I will update with LM when it’s back<3
10. TU – Lovely Eyes – Aeruginosus
11. TU – Hypno Eyes – Left: Summer Sunset, Right: Sapphire
12. TU – Dark Ambience – Lycanthrophy
13. Esuga – Slither
14. Esuga – Vampiress
15. Esuga – Dragon

Another thing I’ve been asked about lots recently are my lashes. I layer them pretty heavily depending on what I’m wearing. Gogo’s Tutorial changed the way I wear lashes and there’s no going back lol. I mod them a ton, but my basics, what’s shown in eye pictures are:

Cheap Makeup #8 Double winged liner (i’ve raved about for forever and always always wear)
BOOM I love my eyes Liner
Redgrave 38 Classy
Dutch Touch Maan Lashes
Chaisuki #34 (just picked up from skin fair!)

It’s not always the same…but that’s basically it >.<


Blind and Mute

The night to my day…

Aydan Darcy joins me again today. We wanted to do black and white looks and I must say on both accounts that they ended up awesome!



On Aydan:
skin: redgrave – trinity paper
hair: !lamb – glass candy
ears: slink

top: cynful – beertilicious
skirt: sn@tch – midnight skirt
blindfold: illusions
necklace: hod – the crosary v3
gloves: sinistyle – lillith gloves
piercings: hod – the crux piercing collection

On Me:
skin: laq – tess 2
eyes: repulse – thorn crown eyes
hair: kin – eku
hair base: aitui – etched hair monumentum
dark spotted makeup: la malvada mujer
face tattoos (lines and eyeliner brushed parts): nuuna
tattoos: para designs – affliction
incision tattoo: la malvada mujer – autopsia

corset: deetalez – white lace panty girdle
scarf: ce cubic – effect stole
duct tape: league – top strip
hooves and tail: pera – le laune pure
bandages: trap
gag: dari’s haus
piercings: hod – bolted

Tis why I want to raid her wardrobe…

Aydan Darcy of HOD joins me today!

So…the story is…this bat I’m wearing from primitive design…I stared at for like 3 days before I said “screw it” and bought it. My outfit just kind of evolved from the bat and when i tped over to see Aydan who said i was dressed all like “combat elf” we decided to take a tour through the Midian sim to see what kind of trouble we could find (THANKS CHAEL for being our tour guide!). While there, Aydan manged to get us yelled out ((for talking OOC)) hahaha<33



On Aydan:
skin: redgrave – Trinity – Paper in Innocent
hair : lelutka – amanda 2
ears: slink

blindfold & necklace cord: Illusions
necklace: HoD – Fallen
piercing: HoD – Agony (coming soon)
Bodysuit & Girdle: Maitreya
Taped First: Sinistyle
Pants: lelutka – UNDO
shoes: slink – aveela stiletto in herringbone (dressing room)

On Me:
skin: laq – mima
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: 99 elephants – kerry v1
tattoos: garden of ku – la virgen de guadalupe

top: plastik – valerian bra black
shorts: amerie – loose pants
belt: blitzed – plugged belt
bat: primitive design
shoes: ubu – low tops
socks: arai – everyday socks
arm warmers: cipher – belted warmers long
necklace: hod – mercenary
piercings: hod – agony (soming soon!)

I got my ticket for the next makeover…

I lost my taste for this, I’ll keep my pride…

I believe, I believe
I believe in the fallen
I believe, I believe
I believe in the callin’

more photoshop play \o/




skin: laq – mima
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: LoQ Hairs – frappe
horns: visavi – shadow faun
tattoos: freakshow – innerself

harness: kyoot – atticted to dopamine harness
shirt: t.whore – summer dress
skirt: glam affair – element mindy dress – tutu portion only
hose: miinii inc – afta recess tights
boots: redgrave – biker boots
wings: mad world – broken wings – white
necklace: hod – path to forgiveness
piercings: hod – fallen

location: Innsmouth

Potter’s Field – Silence

I have never owned a dress like this in SL. Sienia Travellion dropped this by me the other day and told me it had horns! hahaha yhaayy! When I finally got around to trying it on…WOW it is…absolutely stunning. So much detail and amazing textures. Truly a gorgeous dress. Available during the Potter’s Field Event


skin: redgrave – daylight trinity 05
hair: – amelia
ensemble: lark @ potter’s field – silence
tears: porcupine love – i wanna suck your blood bloody tears
piercings: hod – lure and fusion modded

Thank you to Nico and Aydan for recommending Empress and Hierophant for a location!

lucky cynners

yush, we areeee! luck inc and cynful together can just about make anyone happy i imagine. my sissy kelley is my favoritestestest posing partner eva!


on meh!!!
skin: lara
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
lashes: cake – bedroom lashes
hair: truth – milla
tattoos: aitui – hope song

shirt: cynful
skirt: luck inc
hose: sn@tch
socks: canimal
boots: bax – ankle patent leather
collar: plastik
piercings: hod – knockout

on kelley kel kel!
skin: belleza – jesse
eyes: poetic color – seaweed
lashes: redgrave – diva 19
hair: detour – johnna
tattoos: addixion – venomous

shirt: luck inc – button down shirt
pants: cynful – orange bottom dotsie
shoes: maitreya – shanti black
necklace: ns – kiki guitar chain
piercings: skream – delicate fangs