Cause I fell on black days.


skin: lara – leah
eyes: repulse – thorn crown
hair: e – away
tattoos: aitui – hero stars
face tattoo: nuuna
cheek blush: la malvada mujer – cotton candy on her cheeks

sweater: zenith – black sweater checkered
shorts: ronsem – cargo shorts black
horns: illusions – cernwn
digis: visavi – shadow faun
necklace: stash – rockstar necklace
piercings: cobrahive


i’m going to the rodeo tonight n_n

lol i love when i tell people that they automatically think country bumpkin.

it’s much much more. massive concerts, huge fair, tons of bbq, a buttload of alcohol…kind of like a biiiig tailgating party…

plus, i get to see brad paisley<3 hawt! i dont listen to too much country (i'm more of a rock gal) but i do love me some of him.

anyhow…so, to celebrate the occasion, here's a look:


skin: lara
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
lashes: funsized shapes – double length
tattoos: aitui – beautiful and dire

shirt: zenith – checker2 black
jeans: tart – lowrise ripped gray
hat: surf co
boots: j’s
belt: hermony – lucky death belt
necklace: skream – luigi chains
piercings: hod – knockout

ALSO! newnewnewnewness @ FK Virtues! capris rock my face. kthnx


they have cute little zippers on the legs and come in 12 colors! the shirt…skeletor. also from FK Virtues! <<<was you taxi :-p