Review policy?

Thank you for your interest in sending me review items.

Preferably, I would like you to contact me 1st and let me know that you’re sending something and what you’re sending, but since that’s hardly ever the case….

Sure. Send away! But know that my inventory can be a horrible mess and it’s not always guaranteed I’ll be able to look over and blog your items, but I will try!

I (nor anyone else affiliated with this blog) will ever request items from creators. This site is not really a review/critique blog, but more of a hobby for me to share with readers. Since this is my personal blog, everything featured is of a certain style that appeals to what I like. Therefore I individually reserve the right whether or not to use any items sent.

If there are any further questions feel free to contact me in world.

Randi Lenroy<3

IMPORTANT EDIT: Please please PLEASEEEEE do not add me to your subscribe-o without permission. It is against TOS and makes folks super stabbity. For serious.

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