No title and gooooooo!

I’ve been wearing this for a few days, dunno why I was waiting on blogging it…then I got the new group gift from Dutch Touch and all seemed perfect. Ever since I wore that Mynerva Drow skin, I’ve been in a darker skin kinda mood.


and a close up bc it’s all sorts of gorgeous.

skin: dutch touch – amber v2
hair: shag – love is a battlefield
eyes: visavi – No store atm.
tattoo: soh – autumn koi

jacket: admiral – black leather
tshirt: su! – punk rockers tank
shorts: league – frayed denim dark dirty
hose: av – stockings asian black
stockings: league – side gartered
belt: blitzed – legacy
boots: lightstar – buckled boots
septum: cobrahive


I guess I should have credited with the skin fair blogs, but i was all “OMGZZZSKINSZZZ” and stuff. I got lots of IMs asking about such and such eyes, so I’ve just decided to throw together some of my favs.


Repulse takes up the majority of my eyeball rotation (1-5). Even though the owner is a big mean punk, Max’s work is awesome and detailed and I always find myself reaching for his creations. The 2 sets I get asked about the most are Visavi (8) and Turquoise Unicorn (11). Kaz and Nara are ridiculously talented and their eyes are stunning. Plastik (6-9) will always be one of my staples and Esuga (13-15) has been a recent eye crush of mine.

Full Details:
1. Repulse – Thorn Crown
2. Repulse – Post Mortem
3. Repulse – Hemoholic
4. Repulse – Cannibal
5. Repulse – Zombie
6. Plastik – Infectious Laughter
7. Visavi – Infectious Eyes – Cadaver
8. Visavi – Left: Candy Swirl, Right: Digital Carousel
9. Plastik – Witchy Woman
**Turquoise Unicorn’s store is temporarily unavailable, but I will update with LM when it’s back<3
10. TU – Lovely Eyes – Aeruginosus
11. TU – Hypno Eyes – Left: Summer Sunset, Right: Sapphire
12. TU – Dark Ambience – Lycanthrophy
13. Esuga – Slither
14. Esuga – Vampiress
15. Esuga – Dragon

Another thing I’ve been asked about lots recently are my lashes. I layer them pretty heavily depending on what I’m wearing. Gogo’s Tutorial changed the way I wear lashes and there’s no going back lol. I mod them a ton, but my basics, what’s shown in eye pictures are:

Cheap Makeup #8 Double winged liner (i’ve raved about for forever and always always wear)
BOOM I love my eyes Liner
Redgrave 38 Classy
Dutch Touch Maan Lashes
Chaisuki #34 (just picked up from skin fair!)

It’s not always the same…but that’s basically it >.<

I….really don’t know.

No words tralalaaa. Just a look:

Oh, wait…maybe words. I saw this cardigan on Olyvia’s tumblr and was all “How the hell did i miss seeing that?” @ TSE. So, I went back and spent more monies and yah.


skin: dutch touch – tekla
eyes: repulse – thorn crown
hair: yuna’s – yh 23
makeup: la malvada mujer – cotton candy on her cheeks
tattoos: aitui

catdigan: berries inc
shirt: sleepy eddy – long knit cutsaw
shorts: the closet – roll up denim
hose: sheer – very torn black
socks: league – gartered socks white
boots: leo-nt – snowy boots
scarf: mentine – fringed scarf
necklace: gypsys – scissors
piercings: visavi all modded
plugs and septum: cobrahive
ears: plastik – chessni animalistic
horns: illusions – bite horns

blah monday, we meet again…

*heavy sigh*

it’s a short week in days, but such long shifts ahead of me…after slacking so much yesterday, i figured i’d dress like a grown up today.


skin: dutch touch – maan
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: truth – justine
tattoos: huz – secret reborn

shirt: zaara – kavi top
pants: skin flicks – linen cropped pants
shoes: tesla – vixen II classic
piercings: hod – knockout
belt: coco – wrapped skinny belt
bracelet: ns


make you yawn too? yeahhh it’s all super late. well for me…maybe early for you >.< regardless, hewwo! luck newness is nice. /me needs brains…i mean sleep…i mean, i'ma take my butt to bed….ni ni! :-p


skin: dutch touch – maan
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
lashes: redgrave – diva 19
hair: i love olive – sophie
tattoos: huz – krazy kanji legs, freakshow – tentacles

shirt: luck inc – cashmere camo green
skirt: kyoot – waisted mini wool
shoes: maitreya
necklace: mustache
piercings: hod – knockout

oyyyy vey!

mmm i had a good night last night lol

i purchased my 1st dutch touch skin this past week. maan is so beautiful! i’ve tried on so many demos from there hoping for a fit i liked. and viola!

also….cute butt part 2!! 🙂


i love capris/bermuda shorts/board shorts! anything in between shorts/pants lol these are from sey, and full of wonderful seyness awesome sauce 🙂


skin: dutch touch – maan
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
lashes: cake – bedroom lashes
hair: truth – melinda
tattoos: aitui – hope song

sweater: – comfy sweater
shirt: su!
pants: sey
shoes: 50 flatts
necklace: urbanity – dog tagged
piercings: HOD – knockout set


*dances* and it’s my sissy’s birthday weekend!! and patty’s rez day!! sheesh!!


if nothing else….make sure you stop by to see reek’s sim. haha i haven’t been in a while, so i dont know how recently all that got there, but the galaxy thing is awesome!!!

50LF…annddd goooooo!


skin: dutch touch – maan
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
lashes: redgrave – diva 19
hair: truth – nadia
tattoos: rojo – famous

shirt: this is a fawn – bird in the hand 50LF
jeans: scribble – drops jeans 50LF
belt: reek – i heart themes
shoes: surf co – boardwalkers 50LF
bangles: exodi – aiden bangles
piercings: HOD – knockout – 2/20 release date!


skin: dutch touch – maan
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
lashes: redgrave – diva 19
hair: buried – eric
tattoos: freakshow – inner self

dress: TD – lela in love 50LF
stockings: fishy strawberry – swan lake white
necklace: HOD – let go rosary
shoes: lelutka – saffron pumps electric red
piercings: HOD – knockout – 2/20 release date!


skin: dutch touch – maan
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
lashes: redgrave – diva 19
hair: truth – nadia
tattoos: huz – kanji reborn – unreleased

dress: &bean – i love vanity 50LF
leggins: duboo – laundry day leggins
shoes: surf co – spring fling wedges 50LF
piercings: HOD – knockout – 2/20 release date!