Well Helloooooo!

I’ve lacked pretty much all inspiration on getting stuff together as far as blogging goes lately. Sorry guys<3


skin: lara – aimee
eyes: visavi – candy swirl eyes
hair: e – mood
tattoos: huz – oriental (unreleased)
cheeks: la malvada mujer – cotton candy on her cheeks

jacket: kiitos – peacoat open ver black
shirt: arnadi – back to the past
skirt: fishy strawberry – porcelain ruffled skirt
socks: league – side garters bramble
boots: mon tissu – provence riding boots
hat: la malvada mujer – el azate de los cuernos
gagues and septum: cobrahive
piercings: visavi – 747 and heretic (modded)

*poses* (i’m so trying to get better at crediting<33 lol)
all: frooti

Time for them zombies again!

There’s lots of things going on right now. Eeesh! Today I bring you some of my favs from the Zombie Popcorn hunt! Running now through December 15th with a ton of wonderful stores. Make sure to visit the website for full listings, hunt item piccies, and hunt hints!



bold and underlined mean hunt gift!

skin: lara – aimee
eyes: repulse – thorn crown
hair: magika – love
tattoos: KoQStar

sweater: mv
jeans: KoQStar
boots: SG (absolutely adooooore!)
glasses: deco
bag: berries inc
necklace: LC
piercings: cobrahive

Happy Turkey Day!

This post has absolutely nothing to do with Thanksgiving, but have a happy one if you’re celebrating with family today!!


skin: lara
eyes: repulse – thorn crown
hair: sadistic hacker – meltdown (thank you sean!!)
face stripes: nuuna’s
tattoos: freakshow – innerself

corset: luck inc – lust corset red
wraps: cog design – enchained
jeans: panda express
belt: sey
digis: pera
gloves: sinistyle – lilith
plugs: cobrahive

Just a Bit Random

That I areeeee<333


skin: lara – leah
eyes: plastik – infectious laughter
hair: truth – tillie
tattoos: huz – oriental (unreleased!)
face tattoo: nuuna

shirt: c smit – puss puss
pants: boom – fall cords
fishnets: sn@tch
scarf: miel
rainbow tights: bp
yellow socks: momo – polka dot socks
grey socks: arai
torn black stockings: mps
belt: coco
shoes: 2reall – pure
glasses: reek – park shades
bangles: boom
piercings and guages: cobrahive

I don’t tend to change clothes…

EDIT: SORRY GUYS! I listed the wrong LM for LG Concept! This is the correct one!!!

For the different seasons in SL, that is. When I put an outfit together it more so has to do with how I’m feeling in RL. So, if I’m all hyper and sunshine, you’ll see me reflecting it on my blog most likely. This look and last tend to be a bit more on the fall side of fashion though, i guess. Probably because it’s fucking cold here! I’m in Texas and generally it doesn’t get to the 40s till December. I’ve had to bundle up today. I know 40 to some of you is an eye roll…but dammit that’s cold for me! lol


skin: lara – leah girly
eyes: plastik – infectious laughter
hair: lamb – cinnamon
antlers: illusions – heorot
tattoos: huz – unreleased, but omggggg I love! I’ll take better teaser shots for it later 😀

jacket/vest: kiitos – drape vest black
dress: hc – selecna 2
jeans: lg concept – immaculate wash #7
socks: a&m – urban socks
boots: surf co – elsa boots
belt: maitreya – old leather belt
necklace: gypsy’s – indian necklace
piercings: hod and cobrahive

Also, complete randomness and don’t mind the green screen, but I hadn’t gone to Lara Skins in a hot minute (and i’ve been bad on reading up on the feeds lately D:). So i tped in just to look around and I fell in looooove. This skin was made for meeeeee<333 lol :-p

Summer of Love #1

I know you guys have heard the Summer of Love fair opens on July 17th! Everything looks so great in there! Before I show the 1st set of looks I’ve constructed, I’d like to give a HUUUUGGGEEEE thank you to all of the designers and creators for putting all of this together and taking the time to send out review packages. For more info you can visit http://www.trashfashblog.com/

OK! This is one of many upcoming SOL blogs.


skin: laq – elenea
hair: ploom – lylie
shirt: intrigue – what is love
tied jacket: sey – maki waist
skirt: berries inc – legshow dark grey
leggins: acid and mala – hole clothing
bracelet: abyss – spiked cuff and barbed wire
boots: 0N – wo boots
piercings: hod – bitten

skin: lara – sophie
hair: truth
shirt: t junction – i ❤ ewe
jacket: kiitos
shorts: zoobong – beach shorts
necklace: december – #40 group gift
shoes:gos – espadrilles
piercings: hod – bitten

skin: mynervia – summer nights – fudge
hair: truth
shirt/bodysuit: glam affair – sunny silver
shorts: cynful – SOL snake pants
belt: amg boudoir – velvet leather belt
necklace: abyss – junkyard barbed choker
bracelets: LC – jasmine bracelets
shoes: lelutka
piercings: hod – bitten

italics and underlined means found at fair!


it smells like rain outside.

pleeease rain! lazy saturday inside with storms would be awesome. kthnx!

sooo, i stumbled upon this dress while doing the zombiepopcorn hunt. it isn’t a hunt gift, just one of the stops.



both poses are from doll. doll is one of the stops in the hunt and by chance i got to meet the beautiful ms. suri christen. \o/

skin: lara
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
lashes: dk
hair: truth – annie
tattoos: huz – kanji reborn

dress: pesto – lazy tank dress
vest: grasp
hose: blowpop
socks: scribble
arm bands: chiper – martially belted
shoes: ubu – pornstar hightops
necklace and piercings: hod

i is lazy

hope everyone had a lovely weekend


skin: lara
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
lashes: funsized shapes – double length
hair: truth
tattoos: huz – kanji reborn

dress: f.tri – corabella
jacket: coco – denim midnight
socks: pig – duo key west
shoes: 2real – pure
necklace: skream
gloves: kiLiebe – bandit star gloves
piercings: hod



skin: lara
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
lashes: funsized shapes – double length
hair: fri.day – miley
tattoos: rojo – hate

shirt: alchemy – top to eternity
pants: artilleri – ruby high waist capris
shoes: digit darkess – mary janes
jewelery: ns
piercings: hod – knockout

something something something darksiiide

what the deuce…wordpress wouldnt let me type? i just tried for like an hour to click in the little text box. how frustrating!

anyhow…someone wanna organize my inventory for me? it’s a horrible mess! D:

also, if you caught on to the post title, me love you long time.

lotd and gooooo!


skin: lara
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: !lamb – witch
tattoos: aitui – beautiful ❤ tis my new favvvv

jacket: intrigue – black coat
vest shirt: urbanity – short vest
pants: sey – cargo pants
boots and glasses: surf co
belt: maitreya – old leather belt
necklace: addict @ circle project
piercings: hod – knockout