What had happened was…

I was so about to sign off when I got new goodies from Luck Inc. Damn you CK for keeping me up waaaaay past my bed time :-p So, if i mess anything up in this post it’s bc it’s like 5am to me 😦 Newwww low rise (but of course) leather pants! Oh? What’s this?? They come with digi options?? *_* *swoons a bit* I’m wearing the tweed pair here, but as expected from Luck you get a TON of choices…


skin: laq – tess 2
eyes: repulse – thorn crown
hair: anaphora – brian
hair base: aitui – etched firebird
tattoos: garden of ku – neo 3
face tattoos: nuuna’s

jacket: aoharu – military cape coat
tie: aitui – tearable hearts
pants: luck inc – leather pant low cut tweed
hooves and horns: visavi – shadow faun
belt: mandala – mikoto red rocker
piercings: hod – crux

Gooooood night!




skin: belleza – elle
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
lashes: funsized shapes – double length
hair: ploom – livia
tattoos: soh – autumn koi

bodysuit: crazy – elsa grey
stockings: orage – rock gaga
boots: graves – alpha boots
necklace: nsd – rock n roll pearls
left bangles: mandala – takara
right bangles: nsd – rock n roll strap
piercings: hod – bitten

Weekend Y’all!


I pledge to not get embarrassingly drunk like I did for my birthday last weekend. Words cannot describe…ANYHOW moving on…Maybe I’ll finally get around to updating my blog layout and all this weekend…

Please pay attention to the following Bowie reference. *humps* Kthnx. That is all.



skin: pink fuel – ember
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
lashes: funsized shapes – double length
hair: truth – tilly
tattoos: huz – love luck – SOON!!!

shirt: r.icielli – fame kills mini top
pants: emery – pant 442 earth
gloves: addict – doubs gloves
necklace: mandala – takayama necklace
shoes: lelutka – pow pumps
piercings: hod – lure and fusion modded

The vuvuzelas are still driving me nuts

I’m updating with the World Cup on. They say they have a filter to soften the vuvuzelas…but that’s still ALL i hear.

ANYHOW! I’m wearing Nuuna’s new face tattoos, and to celebrate i decided to show my butt crack because i know she loves it. :-p



skin: laq – elena
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: ploom – cember
tattoos: garden of ku – knight kandahar
face tattoos: Nuuna’s skins

top: emery – mini top #3
skirt: cynful – fluffyness skirt
shoes: maitreya – allure
necklace: mandala – shaka black
bracelet: alamood – celestial
piercings: hod – lure and fusion modded

Also, I now have a new face! Pink Fuel’s new skin Ember is like UNFFF<3 This is Scene in Chai tone. Straight from SL to here ^.^


black and blue fair opens today

and i finally got the chance to rummage through all the things i bought 🙂


underlined italics mean found at fair

skin: laq
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: magikapoof
tattoos: huz – kasukalan
shirt: intriguei love stash
pants: hello davehow i love you ripped leggins
hose: fishy strawberry – topolina blue leggins
boots: j’s – western boots
belt: atomic – music belt
piercings: hod – lure and fusion modded

skin: laq
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: truth – marcelle
tattoos: huz – om
shrug: woe – christa shrug
shirt/dress: a&mstriped navy
jeans: alexoholheartbroken ripped jeans
glasses: gos – cateye glasses
boots: abyss – nau combat boots
belt: sey – rock belt
socks: primitive design – skanky socks
necklace: mandala – kagetora blue
piercings: hod – lure and fusion modded

skin: plastik
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: fri.day – anna
tattoos: aitui – beautiful
sweater: woecary sweater gray
pants: twisted and spoiled – renegade black
shoes: h&smile high
necklace: fusionfeathered necklace
bracelets: mandala – takara bangle
piercings: hod – lure and fusion modded

i’ll update this post with a tp once the fair opens at 4pm SLT!! ❤

new corsets @ fk virtues

all $50L for now. i dunno if they will be for much longer though. there are a TON of colors. kelley helped me model a few..



skin: plastik – lionheart
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: mustache
tattoos: rojo – hate

shirt: fk virtues – retro dreams corset
jacket: emery – roxe black
shorts: luck inc – bottom of black jumper
hose: sheer – torn stripe fade black
boots: abyss – nau combat boots
belt: mandala – saicho belt
brass knuckles: pink inc – fuck and cunt
piercings: hod – fusion v2


on us both:
corset tops: fk virtues – retro dreams corset
hair: truth
skin: belleza
piercings: hod

just another lotd

so…this outfit kind of came about like so…this is in my head: “hrmm, kenzi is gone, so i dont have anyone to tell me about new sey releases. i better go by there and join the group…*tps*…ohhhh FFS! new stuff!!! squeeee!!!”

yeah pretty much. so i stayed up way past my bed time and played with options

also…i tend to get bored of how i take my pictures, so i’m trying something new. feedback and opinions are more than welcome ^.^



skin: plastik – lionheart
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: buried – zion
tattoos: garden of ku – aphrodisia in luxor

corset dress: roots
zip down sweater: sey – maki zip up zebra
shorts: cupcakes
hose: my pinkie skull – ripped stockings and socks
boots: pm – viv boots
bangles: mandala – takara bangles rock
necklace and piercings: hod

it’s been a long week

and i’m so ready for some fun tonight!

i love that the color of the jeans are called school bus.


skin: curio – cupid 2
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: buried – sawyer
tattoos: freakshow – inner self

shirt: xd – temptress dress
pants: djinn and tonic – big fat stripped denim school bus
belt: mandala – saicho belt
glasses and boots: kalnins – half shutter
cuff: sey – leather wrist band
piercings and necklace: hod – shadowed spite black lava piercings and lacquered black necklace

everyone have a happy friday!!!