Well, it’s that time.

Not to have a drawn out dramatic post or anything, but just to make this offical….It’s time for this blog to close. After almost 3 years in SL and 2 of those blogging, I’ve found this something I want to walk away from. My RL has changed in all aspects and not only do I not have the time, but I lack the desire. All posts will stay until Flickr Pro expires and nothing further will be entered.

Thank you to everyone that ever read and supported or enjoyed my outfits or pictures. This was truly a fun ride in which I’ve met some of the most amazinggggg people<3

It Wears Me Out

At least it’s something πŸ˜›

It Wears Me Out

skin: belleza – chloe medium
eyeshadow: rozena – platina
lips: PF – elly doll glass, bitten
hair: truth – marielle
eyes: repulse – rigor mortis

sweater: fri.day – comfy cardi black
tshirt: surf co – kettle corn cardi, dew 1
scarf: concrete flowers – fallen leaves, melange
jeans: armidi – grace, stone
piercings: ni.ju – chain chomp
horns and ears: illusory

location: Playground <3333


No excuses for the laziness. Just…yeahhhh.


skin: glam affair – jadis 2
hair: kik – fine
eyes: id – hybird dark
tattoo: aitui – aka hyou and the plank – crow feather
lip lines: nuuna’s
horns: visavi

top: luck inc – chacha dress olive
shorts: league – frayed denim
arm tape: cheerno – murV gloves
belt: abyss – nau combat belt
white socks: doppelganger – knocked up knee socks
suspender socks: league – black gartered socks
boots: lightstar – buckled boots black
nose swirl: francinati0n

sim: Legion – suuuuuuch a stunning place!

I Blog!

An outfit! For the first time in…errr………2 months. EEESH. Why do you guys let me slack so much? πŸ˜›


skin: LAQ – olivia peach
hair: Plume – plumeria
eyes: ID – bullseye
ears: Plastik – Arkenea
tattoo: Luck Inc – beyond the veil

top: d. select – little corsage top
jeans: luck inc – tyra low rise
red belt tie thing: mon tissu – from greta shorts
shoes: n core – coquette
necklace: lassitude and ennui – oreb
garter: dession – little secret pistol garter
septum: cobrahive

location: where it begins

full body pose: glitterati close pose: atomic

Hair Fair Favs

Quick edits, quick post, but here’s a couple I’ve latched onto! There’s a tooooon more I have too πŸ˜€


Left to Right:
Shag: Bombshell
Illusory: Ayumi
Illusory: Kimmi
Illusory: Yew


Wasabi Pills: Libby
Wasabi Pills: Trish
Lamb: Boyfriend
Lamb: Our Deal


Pr!tty: Athena
LoQ: Liqueur
Posh: Inside Out
Clawtooth: Darling

Make sure you guys join the demo group in world! It’ll make shopping much faster when the fair opens on Saturday the 2nd! πŸ˜€

For more info and all the slurls visit: Official Hair Fair Site

Skin: Al Vulo
Face Tattoos: Nuuna
Tattoo: Seven of Himeji
Piercings: HOD

I’m Shaggable

I’m not dead. I’ve just been in an uninspired blogging funk. I have however, still been playing in sl and in photoshop and whatnot. Even though there’s not much clothing on these, I figured I could share my entries for the Shag Hair contest going on.

I am Shaggable - Randi Lenroy

On Me:
Hair: Shag – Riot Act
Skin: Al Vulo – Elena
Tattoo: SoH – Wakizashi
Eyes: Fashism
Septum: Cobrahive

On Jacoby
Hair: Shag – Soldier Boy
Skin: The Body Co – Fox
Eyes: Fashism
Tattoo: Para Designs – Khaos
All Piercings: HOD

I am shaggable - Randi Lenroy

On Aydan:
Hair: Shag – Erotica
Skin: Redgrave
All Jewelery: HOD
(I’ll update with lingerie credits later. I didn’t know I was gonna blog these and she’s not online for me to ask :P)

On Me:
Hair: Shag – Girl Next Door
Skin: League – Sia
Tattoo: SoH – Autumn Koi
Lingerie: Paradisis – Brin de Folie

It made me blog…

Well hay! It’s been a while. RL has been kicking my ass. This post is full of so much awesome that it pretty much blogged itself πŸ˜›


HOD has a couple of new sets out and hopefully I get around to the others, but featured here is the Symphony set. It’s a gorgeous collaboration with an exclusive tattoo layer from Nuuna’s and a the torso freeze is from Meya. Definitely a stunning set!

TP over to HOD to check em out!

Skin: Nuunas – GlamGoth Black
Hair: Exile – Danika
Horns: Rue – Scholar
Eyes: Repulse – Lycan

On location and I has question.

First…look of the day.


skin: leafy – @ SSE luna – toffee
freckles: rozena – @ culture shock. freckles more
hair: raw house – willow
eyes: ID – light sensitive slate with the glow effects added
tattoo: huz – man’s ruin
ears: plastik – arkenea<3333

jacket: zenith – red checkered open
tshirt: iconic spells – sigur ros
shorts: epic – @ depraved exclusives – sho-low rolled capris
necklace: pepper – key necklace
belt: sey – studded
septum: cobrahive

OK! So generally for my blog I just do the 3 poses on my background. No shadows. No photoshop except for extract/copy/paste. No liquify…NOTHING (I’m a lazy blogger). However, I do enjoy playing in photoshop but I rarely do that for my blog posts. The blogs I look at have a wide range of styles and pictures and since I actually felt like playing around for the above look, it left me wondering: What kind of photos do you guys like to see on a blog? On location? White background? Picture quality? Not just on this blog, but overall. I made a poll just out of curiousity and I’d love you long time if you answered<3 Also, please feel free to comment and elaborate.