I think I should officially say that I’m going to begin slowing down a bit on my posting. I’ve felt all overwhelmed a bit lately and I think i need to get back to having fun in SL, also. I’m not stopping and it’s not gonna be long between posts or anything, just….slowing :-p Also, I may start blogging a couple of male looks.



skin: laq – mima
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: maitreya – bo
tattoos: soh – maori black

top: luck inc – tube top vintage
gloves: plastik – part of courtesan dress
jeans: 4mc – pervie pants
panties: anuenue – cherry string panties
boots: tonktastic – long combat boots
beanie: maitreya – unisex hoodie
hanging pouch: meriken – scissors pack snake
collar: cobrahive – nemi collar spiked
glasses: solar eyewear – atria
piercings: hod – lure and fusion modded


i should not still be awake…

but i got lost in a time warp of shopping. you know how it goes. you look down to see the time, then about what feels like 30 minutes later you look down again to notice that like 4 hours have magically slipped by. yeahhhh. but i got some fk virtues newness. even more bikinis \\\\\o//////


skin: tuli
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
lashes: funsized shapes – double length
hair: maitreya – alex
tattoos: aitui – beautiful

tank: fk virtues – dj’s girl tank
shirt: aitui – boyfriend henley
jeans: fk virtues – b girl jeans
boots: studio m’z – lace up middle boots
jewelery: indi – kate outfit bangles
belt: end – fret belt
glasses: solar eyewear – atria
piercings: hod


*runs to bed*

[insert something witty]

after i had thrown together that red and black post the other night it made me think “hmmm i haven’t been to naive in a long while.” sooo i strolled on over there to see what kind of goodies i could find…i bought a couple of things, thus i imagine you’ll be seeing a bit of naive in my next few posts :-p


skin: curio – cupid 2
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: truth – berry
tattoos: aitui – hope song, cyberstar body art – mehndi

shirt and socks: naive
shorts: ohara – female jean short ash black
boots and jewelery: miel
glasses: solar eyewear – atria

on a ps side note kind of thing…i have issues spelling “naive.” i dont think i’ve ever typoed a word so much. kthnx!

and a little bit rock and roll

sorry. i was delayed hahaha is it friday yet? 😦


skin: laq – ania
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: truth – mavi
tattoos: huz – uncertain – unreleased

shirt: hyper culture – victorian mini purple
pants: cynful – hearts
boots: bax – ankle boots
belt: sey – rock
jewelery: ns – rock n rolla chain
glasses: solar eyewear – atria


sucks when you’re on wireless. holy gosh! that took forever! hahaaa but i got many of nice things…and not to mention i got stuck @ scribble since they’re having a $60L sale on everything red.


skin: curio – cupid 2
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: !lamb – oh sugar powder/black roots 50LF
tattoos: huz – love

dress: scribble – folk dance full set pink 50LF
vest: schadenfreude – cerise deep v vest 50LF
hose: blowpop
shoes: maitreya
bangles: izzie’s – bangles silver pack
piercings and necklace: HOD – shadowed spite piercing and spite special edition hot pink necklace
glasses: solar eyewear atria<3333


skin: curio – cupid 2
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: truth – peta

shirt: tb! – gwen belted sweater w/red tie
pants: this is a fawn – plaid leggins crimson 50LF
boots: j’s – round ankle boots
jewelery: deco – vday triple strand skull necklace 50LF
glasses: solar eyewear atria<3333


skin: curio – cupid 2
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
lashes: cake – bedroom lashes
hair: fri.day – johanna 2
tattoos: garden of ku – dragon of the rising sun

lingerie set and gloves : 5th & oxford – 50LF set up (gloves not included)
shoes: tesla – vixen II classic black stilleto
jewlery: miel – ber set 50LF

a softer sunday

always tattoos. always piercings. but i always like dressing in a bit of a softer style. i like the contrast between the attitude my tats and piercings portray when put on a more innocent canvas :-p also, i’m beyond in love with solar eyewear’s atria glasses. for reaallssss.


skin: laq – ania
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: fri.day – nicole
tattoos: freakshow – inner self, aitui – hero stars

shirt: atomic – sheer comfort pink cotton
skirt: dp yumyum – mizutama skirt red
shoes: maitreya – ixkin wine duo
jewelery: hod – sprite necklace dark set
glasses: solar eyewear atria