The Platinum Hunt

Oh baby, it’s one you wanna do, for sure!

I plan to do another look or two…but with it being the weekend and all, we shall see! Quick sneak peak at some of the items:



***Indicates hunt item.

***skin: glam affair – summer skin
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
***hair: exile – samara
horns: visavi – shadow faun
lashes: cheap makeup – double winged (these are pretty much a staple now)
tattoos: huz – hellish – SOON!! and aitui

***jacket: atomic – ritzy blazer black
***shirt: hucci – platinum tube top
pants: ha! – bermuda shorts (not the hunt item, but they’re on the list)
***cuffs: luck inc – ruffled cuffs black (2 hunt items in black and white)
shoes: maitreya – espirit xtd
***necklace: sissi – platinum hunt necklace
***piercings: skream – likes to modify

The hunt begins on August 8th and runs until August 31st. All items involved will be new and never sold before. Brands involved are…*takes in a deep breath*

ISPACHI, DeeTaleZ, KMADD/MADesigns, Dahlinks Jewelry, Glam Affair,
Magika, SIGMA Jewels, Gawk!, Exodi, Ducknipple,
WoE, Swansong, TART, Mudhoney, Fall In,
Bliss Couture, *ICED* Jewelry, CaLLie Cline, Acid & Mala Creations, LiNe,
!tarnished, Awesome Blossom, {what next}, HOC Industries, Mynerva,
BLITZED, Diesel works, Cobrahive, Alyssa Bijoux Jewelry, Slutcookie,
Dark Mouse, LoQ Hairs., KUNGLERS, Caroline’s Jewelry,Indyra Originals,
LeeZu, Rockberry, fab.pony, FourSquares, Izzies,
Ha!, MonS, Berries Inc., paper.doll, LOULOU&CO,
Luck Inc, Sissi HQ, SLink, [doll.], JCNY,
RICIELLI, *Just Me*, Phoenix Rising, LacieCakes, :Fusion:,
Fume’, <<>>, Sassy Kitty Designs, ATOMIC, *Reale*,
Tyranny Designs, CnS E-motion, Son!a, skream!, Ploom,
* Deviance *, Indie Rose, Adam’N’Eve, The Plastik, BAIASTICE,
III, [si:n], GLITTERATI, Mustache, Cynful,
Hucci, KHUSH, Heart & Sole, Boho, [dekade.],
PurpleMoon Creations, Barcode, Intrigue Co., Exile, -abode-,
Nyte’N’Day, Black & Blue Outfitters, iPoke Piercings, Vivaposes, Baffle!,
Posh, *TuttiFrutti*, Candydoll, My Precious, Dernier Cri,
HYPER CULTURE, Reek, Heartsick Skins, T Junction and Digital Knickers.

An Armidi Final Sale Post

Also, Ms. Vixxie, you aren’t the only one that had a Cobrahive spree lately 😉



skin: pink fuel – ember
hair: truth – gretel
tattoo: aitui – aka hyou
shirt, vest, jeans, shoes, belt, and bracelet: armidi
eye wrap and knee pads: cobrahive
necklace: urbanity – tagged
piercings: hod – lure and fusion modded

50lf, featured sldd, and new reek!



white outfit:
hair: buried – ryan
tattoos: huz – henna secret reborn
dress: callie cline – 50lf
socks: wwi – garter socks
shoes: hermony – chucks
necklace: deco – 50lf
piercings: hod

pink and gray outfit:
hair: truth – tia 2
tattoos: huz – henna secret reborn
top: luck inc – 50lf
pants: urbanity – bermuda shorts
socks and shoes: reek – slides – NEW!
glasses: deco – 50lf
piercings: hod

and the featured SLDD is from zaara

sweet 16, anyone?

1st, i should dedicate this post to tome since i know how much he loves all teams that are not the buckeyes 😮 hehehe!

ok, so i’ve been trying to follow more than i have in the past and since houston, sam houston, a&m, and texas out, i shall be pulling for syracuse tonight (far jump, i know :-p). Alexohol Fashions is there for all your march madness needs! cute outfits for all the teams n_n

my looks:

shirt: alexohol
shorts: surf co
belt: hermony – lucky belt
socks: mis – sporty socks
shoes: 2real – pure
piercings: hod

shirt: from xstreet
shorts: urbanity – bermuda shorts
belt: ohara – part of jean shorts
socks: primitive design – skanky socks
shoes: akeyo – kidaz
piercings: hod

march madness syracuse pack from alexohol (minus hoodie option):

and beware of random girls dancing around the store:

mwhahahaa. yay wifey<3

hiiiiii sl world!

i blog drunken….that i do. sorry, i make no excuses!!!

soooooo HOD had a MALE release today. lololol aydan, i love youuuuuu! but i will still rock your merch, male or female. kthnx!!! 😉 both of the following have ps touches, but really the piercing and necklace are amaaaaazing! run kiddies!!! i also got some ROZOREGALIA Belial bracelets. whiiiich i loooovers. kthnx.


skin: tuli – eva
hair: buried – zion
bracelets: ROZOREGALIA – belial
piercings and necklace: hod


skin: tuli – eva
hair: buried – zion
top: urbanity – metallic top
bracelets: ROZOREGALIA – belial
piercings and necklace: hod – knock out

something something something darksiiide

what the deuce…wordpress wouldnt let me type? i just tried for like an hour to click in the little text box. how frustrating!

anyhow…someone wanna organize my inventory for me? it’s a horrible mess! D:

also, if you caught on to the post title, me love you long time.

lotd and gooooo!


skin: lara
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: !lamb – witch
tattoos: aitui – beautiful ❤ tis my new favvvv

jacket: intrigue – black coat
vest shirt: urbanity – short vest
pants: sey – cargo pants
boots and glasses: surf co
belt: maitreya – old leather belt
necklace: addict @ circle project
piercings: hod – knockout

2010 RFL Clothing Fair – London

sooo i’m back from taking a sneak peak inside of the 2010 RFL clothing fair! trying to figure out how to blog all the items i picked up stumped me for a bit. i’ve decided to do them per section/sim found.

if i’m wearing an item i picked up there the link will direct you to the RFL main entrance, and you can make your way to that sim to see the item blogged plus many other wonderful stores!! these items may not be rfl special items, but i still picked them up there :-p

everyone that has come together to make this happen has done a wonderful job. outside of the designers having out wonderful presentations, all of the sims are gorgeous and well put together by a talented group of volunteers.

remember guys. the rfl clothing fair will open saturday march 13th at 3pm slt. i imagine it will be packed with the live entertainment to go along with all the wonderful shopping, so try to limit extra primmy script items and such to help with lag so we can all be happy shoppers.

for more info you can visit

taxi for LONDON is: and will be active at 3pm slt on saturday the 13th!

now then…on to my goodies…1st stop was LONDON! i bought much more than i show here, but these were my highlights…


i’m definitely a jeans and t shirt girl, so these make me happy<3

shirts and jeans from naive @ RFL


left picture:
shirt: apple may designs @ RFL
pants: w&b
shoes: adam and eve @ RFL
bangles: izzie’s
tattoos: aitui

right picture:
shirt: apple may designs @ RFL
jeans: urbanity
shoes: indi @ RFL
bangles: zaara
tattoos: garden of ku
hair: truth


left picture:
dress and hose: apple may designs @ RFL
collar: hat mechanic
shoes: tesla
tattoos: freakshow
hair: truth

right picture:
oufit: apple may designs @ RFL
necklace: skream
shoes: maitreya
tattoos: garden of ku
hair: truth

in all:
skin: lara
eyes: den-dou
piercings: hod

mmm collars

so i wondered into plastik today and saw round 2 of the tomboy tshirts. yhaaay! i wore the heck out of them last time, so i’m happy to see them back.


skin: lara
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
lashes: cake – bedroom lashes
hair: mustache
tattoos: addixion – venomous

shirt: plastik
jeans: urbanity
belt: sey
boots: j’s – round ankle boots
jewelery: ns
piercings: hod – knockout

also, next to the shirts are bunches of collars *drools* so many choices! they all come with 4 options: feathered, bare, bound, and buckled



oyyyy vey!

mmm i had a good night last night lol

i purchased my 1st dutch touch skin this past week. maan is so beautiful! i’ve tried on so many demos from there hoping for a fit i liked. and viola!

also….cute butt part 2!! 🙂


i love capris/bermuda shorts/board shorts! anything in between shorts/pants lol these are from sey, and full of wonderful seyness awesome sauce 🙂


skin: dutch touch – maan
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
lashes: cake – bedroom lashes
hair: truth – melinda
tattoos: aitui – hope song

sweater: – comfy sweater
shirt: su!
pants: sey
shoes: 50 flatts
necklace: urbanity – dog tagged
piercings: HOD – knockout set

be mine<3

trying on the v-day outfit and figured i’d get the post out of the way early 😀


skin: laq – ania
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
lashes: glow – eyeliner
hair: – amelia 2
tattoos: huz – secret reborn

shirt: baiastice – macrame body black
skirt: urbanity – corsage dress red
boots: j’s – thigh highs