Sunshine Elf ;)

I’ve got sunshiiiiiiine on a cloudy dayyyy
I’ve also got post-it nooootes, and machine digitigradesssss

Like that? See what I did there? Eh?EH??? :-p



skin: laq – tess 2
eyes: repulse – thorn crown
hair: 69 – sminb
face tattoo: nuuna’s – newww set! \o/
tattoos: aitui – beautiful

jacket: reek – papercut cardigan
shirt: sk designs – madouc top
pants: cynful – chrizzpy shorts
gloves: lou lou – enigma
glasses: reek – park shades
legs: avz – mekahooves
necklace: hod – crosary
post-it: tihq
piercings: hod – crux


Blind and Mute

The night to my day…

Aydan Darcy joins me again today. We wanted to do black and white looks and I must say on both accounts that they ended up awesome!



On Aydan:
skin: redgrave – trinity paper
hair: !lamb – glass candy
ears: slink

top: cynful – beertilicious
skirt: sn@tch – midnight skirt
blindfold: illusions
necklace: hod – the crosary v3
gloves: sinistyle – lillith gloves
piercings: hod – the crux piercing collection

On Me:
skin: laq – tess 2
eyes: repulse – thorn crown eyes
hair: kin – eku
hair base: aitui – etched hair monumentum
dark spotted makeup: la malvada mujer
face tattoos (lines and eyeliner brushed parts): nuuna
tattoos: para designs – affliction
incision tattoo: la malvada mujer – autopsia

corset: deetalez – white lace panty girdle
scarf: ce cubic – effect stole
duct tape: league – top strip
hooves and tail: pera – le laune pure
bandages: trap
gag: dari’s haus
piercings: hod – bolted

Summer of Love #1

I know you guys have heard the Summer of Love fair opens on July 17th! Everything looks so great in there! Before I show the 1st set of looks I’ve constructed, I’d like to give a HUUUUGGGEEEE thank you to all of the designers and creators for putting all of this together and taking the time to send out review packages. For more info you can visit

OK! This is one of many upcoming SOL blogs.


skin: laq – elenea
hair: ploom – lylie
shirt: intrigue – what is love
tied jacket: sey – maki waist
skirt: berries inc – legshow dark grey
leggins: acid and mala – hole clothing
bracelet: abyss – spiked cuff and barbed wire
boots: 0N – wo boots
piercings: hod – bitten

skin: lara – sophie
hair: truth
shirt: t junction – i ❤ ewe
jacket: kiitos
shorts: zoobong – beach shorts
necklace: december – #40 group gift
shoes:gos – espadrilles
piercings: hod – bitten

skin: mynervia – summer nights – fudge
hair: truth
shirt/bodysuit: glam affair – sunny silver
shorts: cynful – SOL snake pants
belt: amg boudoir – velvet leather belt
necklace: abyss – junkyard barbed choker
bracelets: LC – jasmine bracelets
shoes: lelutka
piercings: hod – bitten

italics and underlined means found at fair!


So badass, no title needed…


HAI GUYS! Today I bring you hotness. New skirt from Luck Inc in about a million colors and patterns, so always yummy! And I decided to play with guns on location >:D




skin: plastik – lionheart
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: analog dog – delora
horns: illusions
tattoos: garden of ku – neo 3

shirt: cynful – beertilicious
skirt: luck inc – slutty skirt
guns and holster: fairlight – pld-08 pistols
shoes: orange creations – mercy
choker and gloves: plastik
necklace: sissi – squarish necklace
piercings: hod – bitten v4 razor

The vuvuzelas are still driving me nuts

I’m updating with the World Cup on. They say they have a filter to soften the vuvuzelas…but that’s still ALL i hear.

ANYHOW! I’m wearing Nuuna’s new face tattoos, and to celebrate i decided to show my butt crack because i know she loves it. :-p



skin: laq – elena
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: ploom – cember
tattoos: garden of ku – knight kandahar
face tattoos: Nuuna’s skins

top: emery – mini top #3
skirt: cynful – fluffyness skirt
shoes: maitreya – allure
necklace: mandala – shaka black
bracelet: alamood – celestial
piercings: hod – lure and fusion modded

Also, I now have a new face! Pink Fuel’s new skin Ember is like UNFFF<3 This is Scene in Chai tone. Straight from SL to here ^.^


friday yet? no? rawRRR



skin: league
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
lashes: funsized shapes – double length
hair: ploom – ana <333333 – new!!
tattoos: aitui – the dancing crow – new!! and cherry blossom legs

jacket: sey – boa jk red
shirt: milk motion – my sailor tank
shorts: cynful – chrizzpy shorts – new!!
shoes: surf co – boardwalkers in hemp, but i modded for color
necklace: iced – icedpod chain
piercings: hod – lure and fusion modded

just some casual newness

so. i’ve always loved paper.doll’s jeans. they sit on your hips low, ripped, great quality, and just overall wonderful. this weekend they put out extra low denim jeans. rawRRRRness. warning, these are like “hello, crotch.” kinda low lol

also, new top from cynful n_n


skin: tuli – eva
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
lashes: funsized shapes – double length
hair: truth – sienna
tattoos: garden of ku – aphrodisia in luxor (i’ve been addicted to this one recently)

shirt: cynful – snaky top – new
jeans: paper.doll – xtra low denim – new
belt: maitreya – old leather belt
shoes: maitreya
necklace: scream – scattered beads
piercings: hod


skin: tuli – eva
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
lashes: funsized shapes – double length
hair: truth – sasha
tattoos: kiLiebe – forgive me

shirt: paper.doll – ruffle tank – new
jeans: paper.doll – xtra low denim – new
shoes: maitreya
necklace and piercings: hod

lucky cynners

yush, we areeee! luck inc and cynful together can just about make anyone happy i imagine. my sissy kelley is my favoritestestest posing partner eva!


on meh!!!
skin: lara
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
lashes: cake – bedroom lashes
hair: truth – milla
tattoos: aitui – hope song

shirt: cynful
skirt: luck inc
hose: sn@tch
socks: canimal
boots: bax – ankle patent leather
collar: plastik
piercings: hod – knockout

on kelley kel kel!
skin: belleza – jesse
eyes: poetic color – seaweed
lashes: redgrave – diva 19
hair: detour – johnna
tattoos: addixion – venomous

shirt: luck inc – button down shirt
pants: cynful – orange bottom dotsie
shoes: maitreya – shanti black
necklace: ns – kiki guitar chain
piercings: skream – delicate fangs


rl work is kiiillling me! *sends out a sos* halp!!!

i’m not daring enought to wear cynful’s retro dress w/o something on underneath it, but it’s hot and i knew i wanted it. it just took me a second to figure out how to wear it, and now i’s happy<3


skin: curio – cupid 2
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
lashes: cake – bedroom lashes
hair: truth – lauren
tattoos: plastik – burdies and feathers

shirt: luck inc
dress: cynful – retro dress green
hose: sheer – striped
boots: shiny things – wrapped stilettos
jewelery: skream – scattered beads, rawdolls – nothing but trinkets bracelet
piercings: HOD – knockout

sunday look


skin: lara
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
lashes: cake – bedroom lashes
hair: buried – zion
tattoos: freakshow – tentacles

shirt: td – jersey lump top
undershirt: luck inc – button down shirt
skirt: cynful – mini denim
socks: miel – lo socks expresso
boots: kalnins – fall
neckalce: dark mouse – mussed up
piercings: HOD – knockout