Shiny Disco Balls…

Well hi there! Look for yous!


skin: league – sia wrecked
hair: anaphora – mayhem
eyes: esuga – slither
tattoo: la malvada mujer – cubico

layered shirts: pig – helendale bodysuit and plain olivia
belt: r.icielli – veronica belt
pants: sn@tch – satin latex
leg dagger: avid – part of underversia outfit
necklace: n creation
boots: slink – marina
septum: cobrahive

Also a closer look at the hair since I luurrrvvveee. For the Anaphora contest:

Anaphora - Mayhem

Some kind of title here.

Pre-release of 2011 line at aituiiiiii


skin: curio – ice queen pure
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: ploom – gabby
tattoos: huz and koqstar

shirt: couverture – the stop tee
shorts: aitui – trop grand shorts
scarf: theosophy – auldearn scarf
red hose: cs – lulu dot socks
black socks: pig – suspender socks
white socks: league – gartered socks
boots: kookie – armada boots
gauges and septum: cobrahive
piercings: visavi – 747 and heretic (modded)

Mew mew!

I has lopsided ear snow cat hat!<333

Oh! and a dress from Crazy named Randi ^____^


skin: curio
eyes: repulse – thorn crown
hair: lamb – poppyseed (modded to fit hat!)
face tattoo: nuuna
tattoos: huz – rosary

dress: crazy – randi dress
hose: sheer – fishnets
socks: pig – unicorn (modded to match belt)
hat: la malvada mujer – snow cat<333 it comes with cuuuuuute gloves and all and omgahhh
boots: ispachi – seasons
plugs: cobrahive
piercings: visavi – 747 (modded)

The Snowflake Experience (take 3?)

Kaz already covered it a bit, but I wanted to show my look from TSE! If you guys don’t know: this event is for a really wonderful cause raising money for Toys for Tots so every bit helps!



My sister Kelley Hanly helped me out in the 1st pic<3 She's been blogging a bit lately too, so to see her credits you can visit

bold and underlined means found at TS!

skin: atomic – illusory
eyes: repulse – thorn crown
hair: loq – baileys
cheek tattoos: la malvada mujer – cotton candy on her cheeks
tattoos: huz – serenity

dress: razorblade jacket – mesh dress
undershirt: arawra – knit sweater red
leggins: paper.doll – long johns striped
high socks: league
low socks: pig
boots: surf co – elsa boots
scarf: plastik – studded scarf poinsettia
lights: bellies – tangled lights
necklace: iced – aquamarine snowflake necklace
piercings: cobrahive

all: nox

I am annoyed.

Well just a bit. It could in fact, be worse…but yeah. I didn’t tell you guys, but last post I did concluded in me crashing my laptop down onto the hard floor and shattering the screen. Luckily, everything else seems to be ok, but I’m stuck with having to hook up my old monitor to it. The color/saturation is hideous regardless of how many times i adjust it, so I apologize if the color/contrast or anything looks off here.


With all that said, it still hasn’t stopped me from shopping and definitely wasn’t going to stop me from attending one eleven. I got the ohmai sweater, lamb hair, nordari home (which i’ll show you decorated soon), and this wonderful outfit from pig<3

skin: curio – yum
eyes: repulse – thorn crown
hair: clawtooth – could i resist?
make up: la malvada mujer – yes sir
tattoos: aitui – hero stars

jacket: fir/mna – dorset coat
shirt and skirt: pig – atlantic city @ one eleven
garter/upper skirt: maitreya
hose: sheer
digis: visavi – part of shadow faun
horns: illusions – cernwn
piercings: cobrahive

Psssst, I’m still here.

Err I’m on vacation in RL this week…So, once again I’m lazy Randi, but it’s so much fuuuuun!


skin: lara – leah red gloss
eyes: plastik – infectious laughter
ears: panda express – witch doctor
hair: truth – nina
tattoos: huz – unreleased (soonish!!!)

jacket: emery – blazer looked black
shirt: pig – day lillies camisole
pants: khush – zip leggings
socks: primitive design – skanky socks pirate
boots: sinistyle – ripper II
belt: buried – mosh n roll
piercings: hod nara and bulletproof and Cobrahive

New panda express ears are nommmm<3 I'm beyond loving the witch dr. ones!


Gives meh yer candiez!!


Happy Halloween kiddies! Hope you get lots of candy to fill up on!



skin: laq – tess
eyes: TU – dark ambiance lycantrophy (unreleased)
hair: boon – luv205
face paint: tb
tattoos: aitui – aviation

hoodie: modd g – subscribo gift!
jeans: ronsem – loose jeans deep
socks: pig – argyle socks
shoes: fir/mna – wavie shoes
forhead horns: TU – horn candy
piercings: hod – nara

Pumpkin is n/a from last year’s locos pocos Halloween event.
Pose in 1st pic is from Oomph! – Leave it to the Ladies pack.
Location in 1st pic is The Rumor.

Can you imagine the time when the truth ran free.

The birth of a sun the death of a dream.
Closer to the edge.

This never ending story, it falls with pride and faith.
We all fall short of glory, lost in myself.

No i’m, not saying i’m sorry, one day maybe we’ll meet again.
No i’m, not saying i’m sorry, one day maybe we’ll meet again.

I will never forget.
I will never regret.
I will live my life.




skin: laq – tess 2
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: truth – candice
tattoos: garden of ku – aphrodisia in luxor

jacket: niniko – long jacket
shirt: emery – top cut pure
skirt: hucci – deco pocket denim black rain
socks: pig – argyle suspenders william s
boots: k boots
glasses: reek – augie glasses
necklace: spica – wood cross necklace
piercings: hod – bump in the night

21 more work days….

…till i get a vacation. OMFGICANNOTWAIT! I work long hours in RL, so this is BEYOND needed.

I don’t have many words today. Still much UNFing for the new pink fuel skin. and yeah…Onward to the LOTD:



Oh! The hose I’m wearing are part of set @ Orage Creations. The set is kind of expensive for just the hose, but i swear i searched the grid and xstreet and the feeds for an endless amount of time yesterday. Then, in my cranky frustrated state, I just said screw it and bought it. If anyone knows a place i can get more hose like these please share, and i’ll love you for forever!

skin: pink fuel – ember
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
lashes: funsized shapes – double length
hair: mirai – kibt
tattoos: aitui – bombing at pearl harbor and hero stars

sweater: pig – lazy sweater
bodysuit: diram – noa attire
hose: orage creations – rock gaga leggins
boots: ordinary design – acinonyx
collar: plastik – recluse collar
necklace and piercings: hod – mercenary necklace and lure and fusion modded piercings.

i love when zoobong has female releases

Nahm nahm nahm!

The second i saw these adorable shorts were released, i tped over to zoobong and couldn’t help but to snatch up the fatpack (I’ve been doing that a bit too much lately).

These also come with a men’s release in a knee length version. I had to fight with myself not to get those too D: lol

Now to the lotd. I’ve been wearing a lot of black lately and REALLY wanted to do a look with the green ones, but when i put something together i was told i looked like a girl scout and my friends started demanding cookies D: SO, black it is.




skin: league – taylor
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: truth – eloise
tattoos: garden of ku – knight kandahar

outer shirt: deetalez – hot wool top
undershirt: crazy – oness outfit
shorts: zoobong – punk shorts
hose: lisa’s – black daisy hose
socks: pig – knee length suspender sicks – fog
boots: kboots
belt: acid and mala – i’m trouble
necklace: stash – rockstar necklace
bracelet: rawdolls – nothing but trinkets
piercings: hod – lure and fusion modded

taxi to zoobnng