*insert overly dramatic sigh* I go back to work tonight 😦 but maybe that means I’ll get back to a normal blogging schedule.


skin: league – amber
eyes: visavi – vampire gold
hair: truth – cady
tattoos: huz – oriental (unreleased)
horns: visavi – shadow faun set
ears: panda express – steampunk
face tattoos: visavi – warpaint

shrug top: zaara – naina distressed black
under corset: lou lou – jealous rock
pasties: roots
pants: tonktastic – combat pants black
shoes: left boot: abyss and right shoe: ubu
collar: lost haven – posture collar
arm cords: illusions
gauges: cobrahive
gloves: buried – fingerless gloves
socks: arai

and a bit of newness from Visavi. Some warpaint and more gorgeous eyes from Ms. Kaz 😀




I’ve had this stunning Demoness av in my inventory for a bit and I am happy to finally be able to put the pieces together and blog it. CLabs produces phenomenal products and I’m absolutely in love with this.


The set comes with skin, hair, wings, tail, horns, 2 types of hooves, and well EVERYTHING. In my look I used a few extra items though….

skin: nuuna’s
eyes: repulse – thorn crown
hair: truth – peta
demon parts: clabs – demoness gen 1
shrug: zaara
faun fur (not legs): visavi
guns: fairlight
necklace and piercings: hod
location: Chouchou


I think i’ll go for a walk outside now

The summer sun’s calling my name…I hear ya now
I just can’t stay inside all day
I gotta get out, get me some of those raaaaaaays
Everybody’s smiling!
Sunshine daaay!

Oh, I went there. I’m sad I went there though, since the damn song is stuck in my head now. No need to thank me folks!! :-p



skin: laq – aline
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: truth – iris
tattoos: garden of ku – aphrodisia in luxor

jacket: coco – lace cardigan – tinted
top: letluka – ahura top goldenrod – modded to remove back bow
shorts: emjay – green tartan knee shorts
shoes: baiastice – camilla shoes
glasses: reek – junior shades
bangles: zaara – sadaf shell bangles
piercings: hod – lure and fusion modded

It’s my RL birthday!! woot!!

So, I guess I should do my LOTD now instead of attempting to blog later when I’m completely drunken.

More of the MV leggings from the Zombie Popcorn Carnival. I should get in there on Saturday to round up a few items to show you guys for more of a sneak peek! Remember, it will be open to the public on JUNE 15th!!! for more info!!!

Also, I love this tattoo waaay too much, so I did a sneak peek of it without permission 😮 Hunain’s been working on it, so look for it soon @ HUZ. I’ll do an official post to let you know when it releases.



skin: &bean – hounds of love HJORT dark
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: kik – loxy
tattoos: huz – unreleased!**

skirt: luck inc – high waisted pinstripes
shirt: w&b – flutter tank dawn pink
leggings: MV – ZP Carnival leggings**
boots: sinistyle – animosity
necklace: iced – long fuck chain
glasses: butt-err – taped glasses
bangles right: fbg – bright sprinkles
bangles left: zaara – sadaf shell
piercings: hod – lure and fusion modded

More Zombies?!!!

In case you guys haven’t heard, Jenica Penucca has taken her zombie popcorn idea and turned it into a fabulous carnival! Huge huge like HUUUGE list of designers. Too many for me to name :O It’ll open on June 15th, so make sure to stop by for all of the wonderful details!

teaser pic done by Mr. Munro!
Zombie Popcorn

Now to the lotd! I’m teasing you more by showing off some of the carnival items :-p



skin: laq – elena
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: !lamb – found
tattoos: soh – autumn koi

shirt: tiny bird – mykonos top
jeans: amerie – loose pants
leggings: MV – carnival leggings**
shoes: ubu – lo tops
bag: kosh – carnival shoulderbag**
bangles: zaara – nizam choodiya
necklace and piercings: hod

The shoulder bag is just straight up yummy and comes in 10 different styles. The leggings are part of a carnival exclusive Gatcha machine. The entire set looks like so:


I’m ready!!<3


50lf, featured sldd, and new reek!



white outfit:
hair: buried – ryan
tattoos: huz – henna secret reborn
dress: callie cline – 50lf
socks: wwi – garter socks
shoes: hermony – chucks
necklace: deco – 50lf
piercings: hod

pink and gray outfit:
hair: truth – tia 2
tattoos: huz – henna secret reborn
top: luck inc – 50lf
pants: urbanity – bermuda shorts
socks and shoes: reek – slides – NEW!
glasses: deco – 50lf
piercings: hod

and the featured SLDD is from zaara

2010 RFL Clothing Fair – London

sooo i’m back from taking a sneak peak inside of the 2010 RFL clothing fair! trying to figure out how to blog all the items i picked up stumped me for a bit. i’ve decided to do them per section/sim found.

if i’m wearing an item i picked up there the link will direct you to the RFL main entrance, and you can make your way to that sim to see the item blogged plus many other wonderful stores!! these items may not be rfl special items, but i still picked them up there :-p

everyone that has come together to make this happen has done a wonderful job. outside of the designers having out wonderful presentations, all of the sims are gorgeous and well put together by a talented group of volunteers.

remember guys. the rfl clothing fair will open saturday march 13th at 3pm slt. i imagine it will be packed with the live entertainment to go along with all the wonderful shopping, so try to limit extra primmy script items and such to help with lag so we can all be happy shoppers.

for more info you can visit

taxi for LONDON is: and will be active at 3pm slt on saturday the 13th!

now then…on to my goodies…1st stop was LONDON! i bought much more than i show here, but these were my highlights…


i’m definitely a jeans and t shirt girl, so these make me happy<3

shirts and jeans from naive @ RFL


left picture:
shirt: apple may designs @ RFL
pants: w&b
shoes: adam and eve @ RFL
bangles: izzie’s
tattoos: aitui

right picture:
shirt: apple may designs @ RFL
jeans: urbanity
shoes: indi @ RFL
bangles: zaara
tattoos: garden of ku
hair: truth


left picture:
dress and hose: apple may designs @ RFL
collar: hat mechanic
shoes: tesla
tattoos: freakshow
hair: truth

right picture:
oufit: apple may designs @ RFL
necklace: skream
shoes: maitreya
tattoos: garden of ku
hair: truth

in all:
skin: lara
eyes: den-dou
piercings: hod

blah monday, we meet again…

*heavy sigh*

it’s a short week in days, but such long shifts ahead of me…after slacking so much yesterday, i figured i’d dress like a grown up today.


skin: dutch touch – maan
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: truth – justine
tattoos: huz – secret reborn

shirt: zaara – kavi top
pants: skin flicks – linen cropped pants
shoes: tesla – vixen II classic
piercings: hod – knockout
belt: coco – wrapped skinny belt
bracelet: ns

i am super sleepy

and i work soon D: nuuuuuu!


skin: laq – ania
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
lashes: redgrave – diva 19
hair: sc – maranna fringe bangs
tattoos: aitui – aviation, luck inc -the way to a dragon

shirt: dp yumyum – simple long t blue
dress: sms – prairie dress light brown
socks: pig – suspenders knee socks
boots: anexx – lace up boots
jewelery: zaara – ritu bracelets, dark mouse – loves labours lost necklace

diva in training

or maybe just a bit trashy.

and yet another reason i love buried hair<33


skin: laq – ania
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: buried – zion
tattoos: huz – android

shirt: pig – softies dandelion
jacket: aoharu
leggins: su – leggins black
boots: bax – prestige
glasses: epoque – oversized shades
jewelery: zaara – melange bangles