*drools* Plastik newness

I saw Kea wear this dress once or twice on her flickr and had been stalking around waiting to see it released. It is hereee! Plastik’s new Ambrice dress is all sorts of hot.



skin: plastik – lionheart
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: truth – rayne
tattoos: rojo – hate
blush/sunburn: cheap makeup

dress: plastik – ambrice
gloves: plastik – part of courtesan dress
hose: sheer – ripped fishnets
boots: bax – ankle boots
necklace: hod – path to forgiveness
piercings: hod – lure and fusion modded


More Ploom newness

The lovely Ms. Helyanwe Vindaloo of Ploom must be spying on me. I was seriously on my pose stand going through hair for this lotd when i recieved new goodies from her!




skin: curio – cupid
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
lashes: funsized shapes – NEW LOCATION.
hair: ploom – fluffcake
tattoos: aitui – minimalistic

romper suit: fri.day – paradisco romper
leggins: relentless couture – lacey leggins mono 1
boots: bax – prestige
pearls: carolines – broken black strands
bracelets: buried – shag bands
piercings: hod – lure and fusion modded

Taxi to Ploom

it was a rough monday…

very rough. *goes emo* i already had woken up in just a bad mood, and things just seemed to pile on from there. one of which, is that my best friend in sl has decided to quit. i’m happy for him to move on to other things and know we’ll stay in touch in msn…but i feel a bit heartbroken somehow :/

hopefully today will be better<3




skin: curio
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: truth – valerie
tattoos: aitui – beautiful

dress: plastik – prayer
jacket: grasp – open zip hoodie
jeans: su! – teen spirit jeans
boots: bax – ankle boots patent
belt: buried – mosh n roll
finger tape: sinistyle
guitar: sey
jewelery: hod

sey newwwwnessss

but be warned. per normal, it’s a “mens only jacket.” be prepared to fiddle a bit if you decide to get it 😀

the jacket comes in a few colors and textures can be changed on shirt part, and again per normal, gorgeous yummy wonderful seyness<3



skin: laq – elena
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: truth – valerie
tattoos: rojo – hate

jacket: sey – denim jacket
skirt: luck inc
hose: blowpop
glasses: duboo – i modded to make darker
boots: bax – prestige
piercings: hod

yo homies

i am flippin EXHAUSTED. hard to make full sentences. so….lotd. annddd bed.


skin: tuli
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
lashes: funsized shapes – double length
hair: anaphora – elsinore
tattoos: garden of ku – aphrodisia in luxor

jacket: roots
dress: boom – circle project dress
stockings: canimal – torn fishnets
boots: bax – prestige
necklace: skream
piercings: hod

2010 RFL Clothing Fair – Milan, New Dehli, and New York

i ran out of shopping time, so these 2 are thin for now till i can go back. plus i’m tired of spamming you….

for more info you can visit http://slrflclothingfair.blogspot.com/

taxi for MILAN: http://slurl.com/secondlife/CF%20Milan/130/126/27
taxi for NEW DEHLI sim: http://slurl.com/secondlife/CF%20New%20Delhi/128/144/26
taxi for NEW YORK sim is: http://slurl.com/secondlife/CF%20New%20York/126/131/29


left picture:
top: touche @ rfl
pants: fk virtues
belt: sey
boots: bax
tattoos: rojo
hair: buried

right picture:
dress: nushru @ RFL
leggings: plastik
shoes: shiny things
necklace: ns
tattoos: rojo
hair: buried


both outfits: Haven Designs @ RFL

left shoes: stiletto moody
left hair: truth
left tatts: huz

right hair: mustache
right collar: fet!sh
right socks: strayer
right shoes: celestial studios


this one is more of a mix and match:

jacket: sd wears @ RFL
shirt: sd wears @ RFL
pants: benoir @ RFL
socks: hk @ RFL
boots: bax
glasses: o!bleak
tattoos: i ❤ rien
hair: cheerno


maybe it’s because i know lady gaga is a bowie fan…maybe i just lover random things…but these glasses, called fame shades (happen to be a bowie song too btw) are awesome. they seriously rock my face.

paint it black

hello lovies! here’s today 😀


skin: lara
eyes: den-dou – vampire gold
hair: buried – cody
tattoos: none 😮 *gasps* too many layers! i need moaaaar!

net bodysuit: luck inc
jacket: aoharu – open long shirt
pants: riprock – hotpants ❤
boots: bax – prestige
bracelet: ns
glasses: fnky – freebase black
piercings: hod – knockout