On location and I has question.

First…look of the day.


skin: leafy – @ SSE luna – toffee
freckles: rozena – @ culture shock. freckles more
hair: raw house – willow
eyes: ID – light sensitive slate with the glow effects added
tattoo: huz – man’s ruin
ears: plastik – arkenea<3333

jacket: zenith – red checkered open
tshirt: iconic spells – sigur ros
shorts: epic – @ depraved exclusives – sho-low rolled capris
necklace: pepper – key necklace
belt: sey – studded
septum: cobrahive

OK! So generally for my blog I just do the 3 poses on my background. No shadows. No photoshop except for extract/copy/paste. No liquify…NOTHING (I’m a lazy blogger). However, I do enjoy playing in photoshop but I rarely do that for my blog posts. The blogs I look at have a wide range of styles and pictures and since I actually felt like playing around for the above look, it left me wondering: What kind of photos do you guys like to see on a blog? On location? White background? Picture quality? Not just on this blog, but overall. I made a poll just out of curiousity and I’d love you long time if you answered<3 Also, please feel free to comment and elaborate.


One response to “On location and I has question.

  1. I just wanted to say thank you for posting a poll like this.I too am curious on what others want to see in the way of pictures an quality.I to have a small fashion blog of my own for sl an tho im still learning Photoshop i know sometimes depending on mood an how i feel i tend to do pictures either unedited or try to make them look better.Because lets face it sometimes when your in a hurry or its late an your tired you might not feel like editing a picture all that much an go through all the steps to make the picture look nice right?

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