Hair Fair Favs

Quick edits, quick post, but here’s a couple I’ve latched onto! There’s a tooooon more I have too 😀


Left to Right:
Shag: Bombshell
Illusory: Ayumi
Illusory: Kimmi
Illusory: Yew


Wasabi Pills: Libby
Wasabi Pills: Trish
Lamb: Boyfriend
Lamb: Our Deal


Pr!tty: Athena
LoQ: Liqueur
Posh: Inside Out
Clawtooth: Darling

Make sure you guys join the demo group in world! It’ll make shopping much faster when the fair opens on Saturday the 2nd! 😀

For more info and all the slurls visit: Official Hair Fair Site

Skin: Al Vulo
Face Tattoos: Nuuna
Tattoo: Seven of Himeji
Piercings: HOD

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