It Wears Me Out

At least it’s something 😛

It Wears Me Out

skin: belleza – chloe medium
eyeshadow: rozena – platina
lips: PF – elly doll glass, bitten
hair: truth – marielle
eyes: repulse – rigor mortis

sweater: – comfy cardi black
tshirt: surf co – kettle corn cardi, dew 1
scarf: concrete flowers – fallen leaves, melange
jeans: armidi – grace, stone
piercings: ni.ju – chain chomp
horns and ears: illusory

location: Playground <3333


Home is….

Pic heavy. Click through to see details and larger pics. No slurls bc i'm lazy, but as always, if you can't find something im me or comment here and i'll help ya out<3


build: selfish (modded inside texures. from distressed. packs overlays and organic)
trees: garden of dreams, the looking glass, botanical, forest floor, forest feast, alirium
grass and flowers: blue field, zingana,
bridges: japan’s horizon
lights: megie’s seasonal store
rocks: new trails
lillies: alirium
boat: baffle
high/apple chair: art dummy
lantern tree: looking glass
lamps: urbanized
garden wheelbarrow: itutu
doors/bench: lisp
screen/flower: hanaya


couch: loft
table: zacca
lamp: north west
rug: zigana
music box: moonstruck
ducks: loft
food tray: what next
screen: tatty soup
side table: arcade
bottle tree: nordari
drawers: leezu
flower: lisp
framed art: art dummy
standing rack: whats next
wall rack: bp
shoes: art dummy
bench: art dummy
bagged flowers: itutu
books: garden of dreams
teapot lamp, bottle candle: lisp
cuadrados: urbanized
colorful potted cuadrados: kkpw
flowers: nylon outfitters
window seat: loft
table and wall decor: north west


curtain: tatty soup
rug: urbanized
table: y’s house
memo board: arcade
strawberry crate: little boxes
daisies, basket, herbs, donuts, plates: lisp
bottles: post
fridge: artilleri
fire extinguisher: barcode
cereal: loft
kitchen range: zacca
stove: artilleri
chandelier: kyoot
hanging lamps: bp
window beads: picnic
canisters: post
cutting board: post
coffee cups: loft
knives: theosophy
bread: post
wall shelves: mudhoney
towel: mmg
dish rack: itutu
plant: lp2
clock: chronokit
door/shelf decor: tatty soup


bed: what next ((fd) fence modded to back of it)
rugs: nordari
left curtains: nordari
right curtain: tatty soup
art above bed: leezu
floor pillows: prestique
lamps: nordari
books: garden of dreams
bunny: art dummy
teacups and bottles: lisp
slippers: lisp
picture cabinet: fucifino
record crates: dirty deeds
turntable: north west
red record shelf: ponitee
potted flowers: leezu
piano: bp
guitar: stock inventory
sheet music: nordari
canned plant: itutu
candle/light tree: art dummy
confetti: turnips
dresser: hanaya
mannequin: tatty soup
plant basket: itutu
art: mudshake
games: second spaces
books: garden of dreams
small dresser: arcade
dino plushie: wunder
daisy and teacup: lisp
lamp: sea salt
large plant: itutu
round chair and pouf: y’s house
tv: nordari
tulips: north west
fish books: lisp
jar: lisp
daisy and teapot: lisp
bagged plants: itutu
birdcage: sea salt
sink: fd


large plants: leezu
beach towels: theosophy
picnic basket and wine: what next
box speaker: picnic
gardening dresser: awesome blossom
bouey: tatty soup
mushroom bag: lisp
small pot: kyoot
wall vine: itutu
yellow jar: turnips
canvases/easel/artist setup: sway’s
large paintings:
pots: tatty soup
rug: urbanized
cluttered latter: north west
bathtub: tatty soup
recycled bench: art dummy
seats: north west
bird houses: hanaya
birds and bunnies: hpmd

Got tired of the snow…

The other week when I was participating in some fun on flickr that involved me taking pictures on location, I realized that I’m incredibly over all of the snow everywhere and in desparate need of making my place warm and sunny. So, this is the end result.


build: kiitos
grass: alirium
trees: alirium, forest floor, heart, and deco
pathway: zacca
mountains: landscapes unlimited
deck and awning: what next
bench: y’s house
rug: nordari
lamp: nordari
picnic basket and accessories: what next


kitchen range: the loft
daisies: lisp
dishes, pots, and pans: itutu
knife block and spoon holder: theosophy
hanging wine rack: mudhoney
center island: mudhoney
toast items: aria
shelf: lisp
lighting: melia
clock: cronic’s clocks
hanging board: croire
wall confetti: turnip’s
fridge: the loft
fire extinguisher: barcode
groceries: dirty deeds
oreos: plaaka
tomato bowl: itutu
hanging polaroids: creamshop
place settings: melia
stools: y’s house
curtains: nordari (111 house)
coat rack: what next
hanging decrorative papers: paper antler
trunk: great north
rocking chair: lisp
globe: north west
books: nordari (111 house)
hanging cranes: elate
bright canisters: turnip’s
board games: second spaces
window blanket: the loft


bookshelves: hblys
chair: tatty soup
sofa: what next
table: melia
laptop: the loft
open book and mug: lisp
rug: urbanized
bed: bazar
floor papers: nordari (mint skybox)
world map: phi
lamp: just my imagination
green dresser: dirty deeds (you’ll have to mod out the bongs :P)
hanging pictures: once upon a time
slippers: lisp
pink canister: lisp
plant: lisp
speker box: picnic
record crates: dirty deeds
mustache art: lisp
bunny model: art dummy
books: pda, hblys, lisp, what next
vase: urbanized
plants: melia
flower pots: picnic
candles: urbanized

Decorating and blogging houses is a lot of work >.< So, no links posted, but if you have issues finding something just shoot me an IM or comment here n_n

Home again!

Even though everything at the one eleven event was fabulous, I will not deny that the main reason I sat at my computer for over an hour dealing with failed TP after frustrating failed TP, was to snag up my new home<3

So, come on in and get cozy! 😀


couch: the loft
rug: tatty soup
newspaper: the loft
furnace/stove: nonino (modded)
log basket: lisp
tv: artilleri
tapes: rc cluster
wall plates: cheap cheap
antlers: lisp

usagi book holder: kurotsubaki
framed heart: art dummy
other art: urbanized
radiator: the loft
rug: lisp
table, chairs and accessories: lisp

coat rack: rc cluster
tree: botanical
presents: what next
rocker: kopi
pictures: awesome blossom


kitchen counters/cabinets: mmg (modded)
knives, spoons, cutting board: theosophy
bowls: itutu
fridge: itutu
fridge magnets: artilleri
cereal: the loft
dish cabinet: interior addiction
pork buns and tea pot: feather
large pots and plants: itutu
lamp: zacca
rug: what next

bed: grindstone
lamp: nordari
chair: the loft
table and accessories: awesome blossom
shoes: art dummy
rug: what next

dresser: lisp
bench: y’s
rug: nordari


build: nordari @ one eleven (sold out)
well: sway’s
ground snow: big cake
falling snow: damani system
bench: reek

mountains: sky landscapes
trees: rustica, ag, forest floor, botanical
small nordic cabin and frozen pond: what next

and on me!
skin: l fauna lapine snowflake(old gift)
make up: la malvada mujer – candy on her cheeks
hair: lamb @ one elven
sweater: ohmai @ one eleven
jeans: atomic – bleached gritty
hat: theosophy
piercings: cobrahive
horns: illusions
pose: olive juice @ gatcha festival

Where has I been?

I got a sudden decorating bug. We were talking about decorating for Halloween in RL…I think that’s where it came from. I don’t tend to do posts like these, but I likes to share! Pic heavy post anddddd go!


build: aju – ie #6 (heavily modded!)
grass and trees: ag


bike: mdrm
birdhouse: picnic
table and chairs: picnic
bench: awesome blossom


trick or treat post: awesome blossom and olive juice
regular pumpkins: lisp
cranky face pumpkins: deco
potted pumpkin plant: kosh


kitchen counter: y’s house – taken from omise house
kitchen range: itutu
fridge: artilleri
stools: what next
dishes: itutu
groceries: dirty deeds
salt n pepper: theosophy
newspapers: what next
knife box and spoons: theosophy
counter containers: barcode
coffee cups and container: what next
harvest box: lisp
tomato bowl: itutu


pans: loft
spatulas: bp
shelves: lisp
lights: itutu
pictures: urbanized
fire extinguisher: barcode
trashcan: blonde
clock: loft
windows: aju – from ie #3 build


bookshelf: lisp
hat rack: lisp
umbrella holder: lisp
broom shelf: concrete flowers
lamp: nordari
entry bench: lisp


table and chairs: lisp
place settings: barcode
rug: loft
chandelier: loft
table flowers: what next
potted flowers: itutu
record player: ponitee


couches: mdrm
end table: what next
basket plant: itutu
lamp: mh
rug: what next
top left window ornaments: paper antler
ceiling fan: what next
window curtains: aju – from ie #3 build


coffee table: kosh
chinese takeout: barcode
screen doors: nodari – from min.poegin build


wall art: urbanized
pottery set: cp
usagi book holder: kurotsubaki
cabinets: mmg
wall flower boxlisp
polaroids: creamshop


bed: kosh
pouf: y’s house
lamp: nordari
rug: urbanized
rug with slippers: bp
wall deco: urbanized
side table: y’s house
easels: what next
plants: itutu
mini piano: bp
music stand: cark moon
books: hblys
windows: nordari – from min.poegin build