Quick Skin and Shape Expo

Since I work nights in RL this will most likely be the only post I make for this bc I won’t get back in and there are still a ton to set up D: BUT! Here are some gorgeous new faces I snagged<3

These are quickly touched up for jagged edges and all, but not too much.


Left to right:
PXL: Gaia – I actually purchased before per the VIP program, but it’s set up there so I can show off 😛
Imabee: Stigma – Olivia – Sylva
Curio: May
Ispachi: Portia – Vampire

Skin and Shape Expo 2011 is about to open it’s doors and welcome you all to come and see what some of the best Skinners and Shape Makers have to offer!!!

Over 70 vendors will be taking part of the 2nd Skin and Shape Expo which will be opening May 10th and last through May 20th.

50% of all charity items wil benefit Direct Relieve International

Hucci and N-Core

As Berry pointed out, there’s a couple of contests going on right now, and seeing as I’m trying to get more practice in lately I decided to participate in a few. I did 2 entries for this one, but the 2nd isn’t really a spring theme. Just an idea I had that I wanted to run with.

N-CoreHucciSpring2011 - 2

Top and Capris: Hucci
Shoes: N-Core: Chic
Meeroos: Still in beta testing<3333
Pepper Crate: Chanimations
Skin: Curio – Pout
Hair: Maitreya – Laura

And the other:
N-CoreHucciSpring2011 - 1

Leggins: Hucci – Metallic Zebra Leggings Gold
Shoes: N-Core – Pin up Platforms
Hair: Lelutka – Pompai
Skin: League – Sia

Dita Von Roo

Haha! I had a task to use a muse to create an outfit, but still keep it true to me. I chose the beyond gorgeous Dita Von Teese and this is what i came up with:


skin: curio – lustre
hair: magika – porcelain
eyes: repulse – crown thorn
tattoo: ep – rebel angel
forehead horns: TU – horn candy

corset: schadenfreude – corset frozen waist
strap corset: axe – take it off suspenders corset
skirt: *!t – circus jerk black
bracelet: rawdolls – nothing but trinkets
knee pads: sn@tch
stockings: vextra messing – fishnet stockings
shoes: pm – baby t
dimple piercings: hod – dimpled
septum: cobrahive

Culture Shock Quickie

I bought a ton already and not everyone is set up yet D: Take away my linden piggy bank, dammit.


Couple of things I snagged:
Skin: Pink Fuel – Elly Candied
Freckles and Eyes: Rozena – Freckles: More and Eyes: Moist Black
Top: Acid & Mala – Boho Chic Mini Top

Culture Shock will begin May 1st

I’ll include unedited pics of this skin in my upcomming post<3

Moloko jeans = <3

I wear them often and they tend to be my favorite when I need a quick pick from out of my inventory.

Couple of things worth mentioning. SL Style Academy is a new feed that I was asked to be syndicated on. I’m beyond flattered that they would consider me and suggest you guys check it out! Umm another…Pididdle’s new feather extensions are all sorts of happiness. Then if you haven’t heard, Emjay has reopened! wooooo! Speaking of amazing jeans, I believe I’ve worn the ripped ones from there for more than half of my slife lol


skin: curio – pout
hair: maitreya – natalie
eyes: repulse – living dead eyes
tattoo: huz – oriental

top: sea hole – sheer tank with scarf combo red
jeans: moloko – jeans 3
panties: emjay – sexii panties zebra
shoes: 2real – pure
hair feathers: pididdle – these are just absolute<333333
septum: cobrahive

No title and gooooooo!

I’ve been wearing this for a few days, dunno why I was waiting on blogging it…then I got the new group gift from Dutch Touch and all seemed perfect. Ever since I wore that Mynerva Drow skin, I’ve been in a darker skin kinda mood.


and a close up bc it’s all sorts of gorgeous.

skin: dutch touch – amber v2
hair: shag – love is a battlefield
eyes: visavi – No store atm.
tattoo: soh – autumn koi

jacket: admiral – black leather
tshirt: su! – punk rockers tank
shorts: league – frayed denim dark dirty
hose: av – stockings asian black
stockings: league – side gartered
belt: blitzed – legacy
boots: lightstar – buckled boots
septum: cobrahive

Home is….

Pic heavy. Click through to see details and larger pics. No slurls bc i'm lazy, but as always, if you can't find something im me or comment here and i'll help ya out<3


build: selfish (modded inside texures. from distressed. packs overlays and organic)
trees: garden of dreams, the looking glass, botanical, forest floor, forest feast, alirium
grass and flowers: blue field, zingana,
bridges: japan’s horizon
lights: megie’s seasonal store
rocks: new trails
lillies: alirium
boat: baffle
high/apple chair: art dummy
lantern tree: looking glass
lamps: urbanized
garden wheelbarrow: itutu
doors/bench: lisp
screen/flower: hanaya


couch: loft
table: zacca
lamp: north west
rug: zigana
music box: moonstruck
ducks: loft
food tray: what next
screen: tatty soup
side table: arcade
bottle tree: nordari
drawers: leezu
flower: lisp
framed art: art dummy
standing rack: whats next
wall rack: bp
shoes: art dummy
bench: art dummy
bagged flowers: itutu
books: garden of dreams
teapot lamp, bottle candle: lisp
cuadrados: urbanized
colorful potted cuadrados: kkpw
flowers: nylon outfitters
window seat: loft
table and wall decor: north west


curtain: tatty soup
rug: urbanized
table: y’s house
memo board: arcade
strawberry crate: little boxes
daisies, basket, herbs, donuts, plates: lisp
bottles: post
fridge: artilleri
fire extinguisher: barcode
cereal: loft
kitchen range: zacca
stove: artilleri
chandelier: kyoot
hanging lamps: bp
window beads: picnic
canisters: post
cutting board: post
coffee cups: loft
knives: theosophy
bread: post
wall shelves: mudhoney
towel: mmg
dish rack: itutu
plant: lp2
clock: chronokit
door/shelf decor: tatty soup


bed: what next ((fd) fence modded to back of it)
rugs: nordari
left curtains: nordari
right curtain: tatty soup
art above bed: leezu
floor pillows: prestique
lamps: nordari
books: garden of dreams
bunny: art dummy
teacups and bottles: lisp
slippers: lisp
picture cabinet: fucifino
record crates: dirty deeds
turntable: north west
red record shelf: ponitee
potted flowers: leezu
piano: bp
guitar: stock inventory
sheet music: nordari
canned plant: itutu
candle/light tree: art dummy
confetti: turnips
dresser: hanaya
mannequin: tatty soup
plant basket: itutu
art: mudshake
games: second spaces
books: garden of dreams
small dresser: arcade
dino plushie: wunder
daisy and teacup: lisp
lamp: sea salt
large plant: itutu
round chair and pouf: y’s house
tv: nordari
tulips: north west
fish books: lisp
jar: lisp
daisy and teapot: lisp
bagged plants: itutu
birdcage: sea salt
sink: fd


large plants: leezu
beach towels: theosophy
picnic basket and wine: what next
box speaker: picnic
gardening dresser: awesome blossom
bouey: tatty soup
mushroom bag: lisp
small pot: kyoot
wall vine: itutu
yellow jar: turnips
canvases/easel/artist setup: sway’s
large paintings:
pots: tatty soup
rug: urbanized
cluttered latter: north west
bathtub: tatty soup
recycled bench: art dummy
seats: north west
bird houses: hanaya
birds and bunnies: hpmd

All I did was what I had to.


skin: league – sia
hair: lelutka – pompeii
eyes: esuga – vampiress
tattoo: i<3rien – power (no longer available)

sweater: concrete flowers – bean cardi black
bodysuit: mons – bodysuit lace 3
socks: niniko – zipper socks black
shoes: gfield – kate bow strap black
collar: abyss
gauges and septum: cobrahive

Fantasy Faire Post

Get on it quick if you have not! Only a few more days left as this awesome event comes to a close on 4/10!! Here’s 3 looks I’ve put together using items I found there 😀


***All faire slurls with lead to Fantasy Faire central bc I do not have individual LMs. If you simply cannot find something IM me in world and I’ll do my best to recall where it’s from. FF items marked in BOLD ITALICS

skin: redgrave – trinity paper
hair: analog dog – 17
eyes: skinthesis – night fathoms bright

top: blue blood – calendula red
pants: rfrye – chained tribal pants
necklace: hod – the crossary
digis: sanu – succubus hooves
piercings: hod – reach

skin: mynerva – isanna darkwood
hair: magika – love
eyes: skinthesis – night fathoms bright

top: rw – tatyana top
jeans: trap – lacey pants
belt: abyss – nau combat belt
boots: gos – curvaceous
necklace: lassitude and ennui – oreb necklace
piercings: hod – reach

skin: laq – elena pale
hair: truth – sarita
eyes: skinthesis – night fathoms bright
tattoo: endless pain – rebel angel

top: sassy kitty design – off shoulder pulls
skirt: luck inc – slutty skirt
digis: epic – classic skull bow
stockings: league
piercings: hod – reach

andddd face close up with drow skin and new eyeballlsssss I picked up 😀


Reminds me of a girl I know…

So I’ve been doing an orientation/training type of deal for Asymetrique Models Group and my home work was to come up with a dark/goth outfit. This is a tiny bit modded from the one I came up with. Like this skin…love love love. I picked it up at the Fantasy Faire and there with be lots more on that in my next post. 😀


skin: mynerva – isanna @ FF
hair: lelutka – addison
eyes: skinthesis – night fathoms bright @ FF

hoodie: panda express – cyber shrug
latex mesh: graves – g206
corset: plastik – ambrice ruffle noir
skirt: luck inc – naughty dress
stockings: league
hose: blowpop – ripped fishnets
boots: abyss – catalyst
necklace: hod – mercenary
gauges and septum: cobrahive